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PYRON® Product Forms - 2

?For stretch breaking andprocessing into yarns?For cutting into staple > ?For use in nonwovens?For yarns on conventional spinning equipmen t ?Excellent dispersibility in wet-laid nonwovens > ?Excellent thermal and fire resistance alone or in blends with other fibers?Constructions engineered for specific applications > ? Processable into fabrics on looms and knitting machines > PYRON ή is a registered trade name for oxidizedpolyacrylonitrile fibers (OPF) produced by Zoltek.Zoltek has produced PYRON OPF for over 20years and is the largest producer in the world. PYRON starts as...

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PYRON® Product Forms - 3

PYRON > ή has inherent flame resistance > . . . an effective heat-blocking & fire barrier material AramidFR PolyesterPYRON PYRON > ή retains its appearance,hand and textile characteristics after open flame exposure.PYRON > does not burn* > 1250ΰC flame exposure for 30 seconds Stable Char ή *(in standard ambient air conditions) size="-3">

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PYRON® Product Forms - 4

PYRON > does not melt or drip . . . it chars! . . . Good Textile Processability > 450040003500300025002000150010005000 35 KW/m2 heat source for 4 min. PYRON ή fibers are electrically nonconductive and functionas an effective electrical insulator even after exposure to heatand open flames. Gas Generation (ppm) PYRON > 8 Electrical Resistivity > PYRON Cotton FR PolyesterNeopreneFoam 8 x 10 ( Hydrogen Chloride Carbon MonoxideHydrogen Cyanide PYRON testing by Omega Point to BBS 7239-88(similar to ASTM E662) size="-4">

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PYRON® Product Forms - 5

PYRON > ή is an inherently fire resistant fiber specially suited to improve the performance offlame and heat resistant protective apparel. PYRON > has excellent heat insulation propertiesderived from itΒs heat stabilized polyacrylonitrile chemistry and resultant low thermal conductivity. PYRON > liners used in protective apparel have exceptional heat blockingcharacteristics which can help reduce an individualΒs overall heat stress and provide enhanced protection in flashover situations. PYRON > fibers are also durable for reliable service performance as a stand alone fiber or in blends. >...

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