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Photoluminescence Microscopic Spectrometer Zolix Instruments CO.,LTD

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Photoluminescence (PL) is the light emission from a material under the excitation by ultraviolet, visible or near infrared radiation. In semiconductor luminescent property measurements, the sample (e.g. GaN, ZnO, GaAs etc.) was usually excited by a laser (with a wavelength of 325 nm, 532 nm, 785 nm etc.), and its PL spectrum is measured to analyze the optical physical properties, such as the band gap width etc.. Photoluminescence is a high sensitivity, non-destructive analysis method, which can provide the information about the structure, composition and surrounding atomic arrangement of...

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Performance characteristics The integration of optical layout -- all optical elements adjustments is only needed in the initial installation, to ensure the efficiency and easy using Double light path design – easy to switch the horizontal and vertical optical path, for application on all kinds of sample morphology Ultra-wide spectra range -- 200nm-1600nm Video monitoring light path -- for accurate sampling point adjustment Unique correction function of Emission spectra -- to make the spectral measurements more accurate and comparable Automatic mapping function optional -- 50mm × 50mm...

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System composition OmniPL-MicroS photoluminescence microscopic spectrometer system comprises: 1. Excitation source part: lasers of various wavelengths from UV to near-infrared bands 2. Microscopic optical path part: specific microscopic optical path of optimization design 3. Spectra acquisition part: imaging calibrated spectral and high sensitive scientific grade CCD or single point detector and data acquisition device 4. Sample holding part: XYZ three-dimensional adjustable sample holder (manual or automatic), ultra low temperature sample table A. Excitation source part In the PL spectra...

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B. Microscopic optical path OmniPL-MicroS PL microscopic spectrometer has an originally designed optimized microscopic light path, with special designed switchable light path. the user may conveniently switch between multiple excitation wavelength on the same light path, with the help of two or more excitation light sources, laser filters, dichroic mirrors and other high-quality imported optical components. Testing light path OmniPL-MicroS PL microscopic spectrometer has a double optical path design, freely switchable between the horizontal and vertical optical path, applicable to different...

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OmniPL-MicroS PL microscopic spectrometer, equipped with high-resolution image calibrated grating spectrometer (focal length of 500mm), and high quality large area gratings, can provide better spectral resolution and optical throughput efficiency. If necessary, reflection element with AR coating can be chosen to specifically enhance the light collection efficiency of the UV region. Detector could be high performance scientific grade deep refrigeration back light CCD or photon counting photomultiplier tube and refrigerated InGaAs detector (required with data acquisition devices such as...

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Triple spectrometer Focal length: 500mm, image correction, the relative aperture (F Number) f/6.5, spectral range: 200-2500nm, spectral resolution: 0.05nm (the practical features depend on the grating parameters and practical conditions) High resolution Cooled CCD Back thinned, effective pixels 2000x256, pixel size 15x15um, maximum refrigeration temperature -95℃, and peak quantum efficiency95% Back thinned, effective pixels 1024x127, pixel size 26x26um, maximum refrigeration temperature -80℃, and peak quantum efficiency 95% Linear array, effective pixels 1024, pixel size 25x500um, maximum...

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High spectral resolution High spectral accuracy D. The sample holding parts The OmniPL-MicroS PL microscopic spectrometer can provide many kinds of sample holder bracket to adapt to the needs for different application tests. Sample table suitable for all kinds of solid samples, three 3D manual sample dimensional manual adjustable, with the monitoring light path used to determine test spot table Ultra-low temperature sample table. Z axis adjustable, XY directions automatic scanning, mapping measurement supported, standard scanning range: 50mm * 50mm Providing ultra-low temperature...

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• PL Spectra of GaN material under different refrigeration temperatures Excitation wavelength: 325nm, Excitation power: 20mW, lowest refrigeration temperature: 10K The excitation wavelength: 325nm; ZnO thin film samples have a particularly strong fluorescence band at 382nm, and a weak fluorescence band in 500~600nm. By studying these bands, the effect of ZnO surface state on the fluorescence and information of crystal form and defects can be Zolix Instruments Co.,Ltd. Address: LDUV68B, No. 16,Tongzhou District, Beijing China(101102). Website: TEL:...

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Zolix Instruments Co.,Ltd. Address: LDUV68B, No. 16,Tongzhou District, Beijing China(101102). Website: TEL: +86-10-56370168 Email:

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