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Infrared Transmittance Measurement System Zolix Instruments CO.,LTD

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Infrared Transmittance Measurement System includes : infrared light source, infrared spectrometer, dark room (built-in sample holder), lock-in amplifier, optical chopper, motorized filter wheel, software and related accessories; It will be used to measure spectral transmittance of optics within IR in order to meet customer’s application( kinds of IR filter); This system can supply spectral range of samples with IR by non-damaged, high sensitivity and high precision analytical method; The application fileds: Optic, Physic, Material, Chemical, Analytical Biology and related fields; Users can...

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Application 1. Transmittance Curve—Sample 1: diameter 12.7mm circle optical filter 2. Transmittance Curve---Sample 2: size: 15x23mm rectangle optical filter 3. Transmittance Curve---Sample 3: Andover optical filter AddressLDUV 68B, No. 16,Tongzhou District, Beijing China(101102). Website TEL+86-10-56370168

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