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DSR100--- Detector Responsivity Measurement System Zolix Instruments CO.,LTD

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Detector Calibration System - 2

DSR100 can measurement spectral responsivity of UV detector,visible light detector and IR detector; Light Source Spectrometer Dark Room Lock-in Amplifier Optical Table Characteristic Wide spectral range : 200-2500nm and 1-14um; Turnkey system,more convenient to operate ; Modulation method improve S/N; Full reflection optical light path ,optimize spot; High stability light source reduce background noise; Large size sample chamber is more convenient for user to adjust; Light Path Video Monitor ensure small size detector will be located precisely; Software—data output format support the third...

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Detector Calibration System - 3

System Performance Model Spectral Range Test Sot Light Source Stability of Light Intensity Triple Grating Monochromator Spectral filtering device Light Frequency Sensitivity of Data Acquisition System Calibrated detector Repeatability of spectral responsibility Center height of Light System Size DSR100UV-B DSR100IR-B 200-2500nm 1-14um Focus beam/0.3-3mm Focus beam/0.3-3mm Deuterium/Tungsten-halogen Dual Tungsten-halogen/ Carborundum Light Source Dual Light Source ≤0.8%/ Software Swift ≤2%/ Software Swift Spectral Spectral Resolution:<0.1nm(435.8nm@1200 Resolution:<2.5nm(2615nm@75g/ g/mm)...

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