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SERIES GPP1000 - 1

2-JAW PARALLEL GRIPPERS SERIES GPP1000 ►►PRODUCT ADVANTAGES “Cost-effective” ►► Parallel gripper with an unbeatable price/performance ratio ►► Gripper jaw set and fixation material included ►► Can be configured for spring opening or spring closing ►► One installation size, three strokes: 4, 8 and 16 mm per gripper jaw ►► Gripping force of 100 N ►► Service life of up to 2 million cycles ►►SERIES CHARACTERISTICS Installation size GPP11XX 2 2 million maintenance-free cycles (max.) Magnetic field sensor IP30 ► Data, Drawi

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SERIES GPP1000 - 2

1Synchronization -- via rack and pinion 2Intermediate jaws -- incl. mounting material -- included in scope of delivery 3Sensing -- mounting and positioning of magnetic field sensors 4Lightweight housing -- Hard-coated aluminum alloy 5Single-acting pneumatic cylinder -- Spring return 6Jaw slave screw -- for changing the gripper’s direction of force 7Energy supply -- possible from several sides 8Gripper jaw -- for connecting the intermediate jaw or an individual gripper finger via centering sleeves 7 ►►TECHNICAL DATA Installation size GPP1100 Gripping force ►►FURTHER INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE...

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SERIES GPP1000 - 3

2-JAW PARALLEL GRIPPERS INSTALLATION SIZE GPP1104 ►►PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS ►► Gripping force diagram ►► Forces and moments Displays static forces and moments that can also have an effect, besides the gripping force. Shows the arithmetic total of the individual forces that occur on the gripper fingers, depending on the gripper finger length Steel top jaws Plastic top jaws ►►INCLUDED IN DELIVERY 1 [piece] Plastic top jaws and assembly material ZUB1100 ►►RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES ENERGY SUPPLY SENSORS MFS1000SKHR-NPN NPN Magnetic field sensor Straight Cable 0,3 m - Connector M8 GVM5 Straight...

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SERIES GPP1000 - 4

Order no. Stroke per jaw [mm] Grip force in grip direction min. [N] Travel time in gripping direction [ms] Reset time using spring [ms] Permissible weight per jaw max [kg] Repetition accuracy +/- [mm] Operating pressure [bar] Nominal operating pressure [bar] Operating temperature [°C] Air volume per cycle [cm³] Protection to IEC 60529 Weight [kg] 1 Gripper attachment 2 Energy supply 3 Fixing for gripper finger 6 Integrated slot for magnetic field sensor eq Horizontal mounting er Vertical mounting G Air connection Q Air connection AP1100 Data, Drawings, 3-D Models, Operating Instructions ◄...

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