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ZIMMER GROUP COMMITTED TO OUR CUSTOMERS WE HAVE SUCCEEDED FOR YEARS BY OFFERING OUR CUSTOMERS INNOVATIVE AND INDIVIDUALIZED SOLUTIONS. ZIMMER HAS GROWN CONTINUOUSLY AND TODAY WE HAVE REACHED A NEW MILESTONE: THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE KNOW-HOW FACTORY. IS THERE A SECRET TO OUR SUCCESS? Foundation. Excellent products and services have always been the foundation of our company’s growth. Zimmer is a source of ingenious solutions and important technical innovations. This is why customers with high expectations for technology frequently find their way to us. When things get tricky, Zimmer Group is...

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HANDLING TECHNOLOGY MORE THAN 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE AND INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE: OUR PNEUMATIC, HYDRAULIC AND ELECTRICAL HANDLING COMPONENTS AND SYSTEMS ARE GLOBAL LEADERS. Components. More than 2,000 standardized grippers, swivel units, robotic accessories and much more. We offer a complete selection of technologically superior products that are ready for rapid delivery. Semi-standard. Our modular approach to design enables custom configurations and high rates of innovation for process automation. DAMPING TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRIAL DAMPING TECHNOLOGY AND SOFT CLOSE PRODUCTS EXEMPLIFY THE INNOVATION...

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PROCESS TECHNOLOGY MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY IS ESSENTIAL FOR SYSTEMS AND COMPONENTS USED IN PROCESS TECHNOLOGY. HIGH-LEVEL CUSTOM SOLUTIONS ARE OUR TRADEMARK. A rich reservoir of experience. Our know-how ranges from the development of materials, processes and tools through product design to production of series products. Deep production capabilities. The Zimmer Group pairs these capabilities with flexibility, quality and precision, even when making custom products. Series production. We manufacture demanding products out of metal (MIM), elastomers and plastics with flexibility and speed. ZIMMER...

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EXPERTS FOR INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES Elastomer technology Plastic injection molding METAL, PLASTIC OR ELASTOMER? WE DEVELOP AND MANUFACTURE YOUR SERIES PRODUCTION COMPONENTS OPTIMIZED FOR THEIR TECHNICAL AND COST-EFFECTIVENESS CHARACTERISTICS. TOP QUALITY, SPEED AND RELIABILITY GO HAND-IN-HAND FOR US. The path to success leads from intelligent system development to optimized material selection and appropriate manufacturing technology to a cost-efficient product. Our expert team supports you every step of the way with innovative ideas, individualized solutions and years of experience. As...

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DEVELOPMENT, DESIGN, MOLDMAKING BY ZIMMER GROUP 3D model for mold Customer-oriented, customized designs, engineered and produced for series production of metallic components In the processing technology business area, Zimmer Group offers its customers a comprehensive range of products and solutions from the areas of elastomer technology, plastic injection molding and metal injection molding (MIM technology). We support these three areas from one shared foundation: Our exceptionally skilled moldmaking area, which we use to offer you complete services from a single source, from design and...

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This goes hand-in-hand with our focus on customer needs and consideration for technical feasibility. We specifically select the best materials and tap into their full potential and fully utilize the possibilities of production processes. We examine interference contours, design strokes and motion and even use endurance testing in our lab as needed. This lets us use our high degree of expertise to ensure a final result with the best possible solution for your product where we also assume full responsibility for the design. Moldmaking at its finest Your mold is also in the best hands when we...

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ELASTOMER TECHNOLOGY FLEXIBLE RIGHT FROM THE START Whether big or small, we manufacture the right size for you! Perforation gripper made from NBR in three different sizes for applications in handling technology Zimmer Group produces sophisticated workpieces out of elastomers using cutting-edge production processes in its elastomer technology area where our focus is less on mass-produced products and more on sophisticated workpieces with complex geometry. The production volume we can provide, as with the dimensions we can produce, are nearly limitless in scope; we can produce almost any...

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In addition to the transfer molding process, where a elastomer is inserted into a mold, compressed into a shape using a press, vulcanizing it under heat and pressure, we also use the injection transfer molding process. In this process, the initial materials are pressed into the mold on an injection molding machine and vulcanized from there. We use these two processes to process a wide range of elastomers, such as NBR, silicone, EPDM, FKM and polyurethane. We also offer all of the technically feasible variations in hardness grades, coloring and improvements to chemical, mechanical or thermal...

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PLASTIC INJECTION MOLDING THE SPECIAL KIND Large-scale series production of plastic parts made of POM Conventional plastics or special materials -- we provide consultation for every aspect of plastic injection molding We are in our element when the task involves complicated plastic injection molding. It enables us to demonstrate our full range of capabilities through the close interaction of development, design, moldmaking, injection molding production and assembly. Apart from PVC, we process all typical plastics, such as semi-crystalline thermoplastics like POM, PE, PP, PA, PBT and PET as...

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Our injection molding production is also state-of-the-art in every regard: For instance, we have a fully automated material infeed, which feeds raw pellets from a centralized storage location with integrated drying equipment to the injection molding machines via our conveyor’s piping system. This lets us ensure cost-effective production with short response times that you can depend on at all times. Naturally, we are also at home handling insert parts like threaded inserts, springs and any other parts made of plastic or metal. We can also machine metallic insert parts as needed; in addition,...

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