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IO-Link meets digital I/O Smart Communication Module

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IO-LINK MEETS DIGITAL I/O SMART COMMUNICATION MODULE IO-Link meets digital I/O The Smart Communication Module (SCM) is a master gateway that is suitable for all IO-Link components. With its two channels, the SCM can control two devices and on a functional level, offers the direct implementation of IO-Link to digital I/O. The module thus makes it possible to integrate IO-Link devices into a digital infrastructure and utilize almost the full extended range of functions of the IO-Link device. YOUR BENEFITS ►► Translates IO-Link to digital inputs and outputs (digital I/O) and from digital I/O...

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TOPOLOGY 1. CONNECTION Configuration and operation Up to two Zimmer IO-Link devices can be connected to one Smart Communication Module. The digital inputs and outputs are wired directly to the robot controller or PLC. Simple digital control enables bidirectional communication. To configure the gripper parameters, a temporary network connection is established to a commercially available PC. As soon as the parameters have been configured intuitively, this connection is no longer necessary. Next, the handling unit is automatically controlled directly via robot controller or PLC. Temporary...

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r config uration couldn ‘t be easier! guideZ configuration software guideZ is a wizard for commissioning components quickly and extremely easily. It enables user-guided implementation and commissioning for all skill levels. Users can switch between guideZ, expertZ and monitorZ mode with one and the same software module. The parameter data of this 7-step commissioning process can be quickly and easily adapted to any PLC control system or even robot controllers. Plug&Work doesn‘t get any more intuitive! Step 1 Switching on the motor and referencing Step 2 Selecting the desired gripping...

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expertZ AND monitorZ 3. PERFECTION AND MONITORING Perfection through expertZ expertZ is the software tool for all gripping experts. It makes it possible to optionally optimize the gripper parameters defined in guideZ for the specific application. Monitoring with monitorZ monitorZ is used to monitor gripper unit status at a glance during operation. Gripper positions, operating statuses – everything on one screen to guarantee maximum system availability. Perfection through expertZ Gripper GEH6040IL-03-B Status word in [hex] 2 in motion 3 motion complete 5 jog + active 6 gripper PLC active 7...

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