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Innovations - 1

Innovations Innovations from all technology areas.

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Innovations - 3

ZIMMER GROUP COMMITTED TO OUR CUSTOMERS WE HAVE SUCCEEDED FOR YEARS BY OFFERING OUR CUSTOMERS INNOVATIVE AND INDIVIDUALIZED SOLUTIONS. ZIMMER HAS GROWN CONTINUOUSLY AND TODAY WE REACHED A NEW MILESTONE: THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE KNOW-HOW FACTORY. IS THERE A SECRET TO OUR SUCCESS? Foundation. Excellent products and services have always been the foundation of our company’s growth. Zimmer is a source of advanced solutions and important technical innovations. This is why customers with high expectations for technology frequently find their way to us. When things get tricky, Zimmer Group is in...

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Innovations - 4

INFORMATION A new variant of the GEP2000 grippers now features free positioning capability and workpiece loss detection. Together with the new variant, the existing series has been revised mechanically and software-wise.

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Innovations - 5

PRODUCT EXPANSION GEP2000 SERIES GEP2000 – The second generation The most successful electric small parts gripper series forms the second generation with a new variant. The IL-03 variant now has free positioning capability, which means that the stroke can be flexibly adapted to the workpiece. This saves time in the process and prevents interfering contours. Also new is the workpiece loss detection function. Together with the new variant, the existing GEP2000 grippers have been revised mechanically and software-wise to offer even more performance. In addition to these innovations, the...

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Innovations - 6

INFORMATION The grippers of this series are unbeatable due to their robustness and torque load and are excellently suited for use in the most harsh environmental conditions.

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Innovations - 7

NEW INSTALLATION SIZES GPH8000 SERIES GPH8000 Series – Two new installation sizes The two new installation sizes extend the series in the lower and upper part spectrum. They are corrosion-protected in the standard version, equipped with scrapers on the circular guide and optimally sealed according to IP54 standard. The grippers can be equipped with gripping jaws with a total Installation size GPH8200 Order No. Position retention via clamping element Stroke per gripper jaw [mm] Closing/opening grip force [N] Weight [kg] Order No. Position retention via clamping element Stroke per gripper jaw...

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Innovations - 8

INFORMATION The 5000 series, with all its variants, stands for unrestricted continuous operation with maximum system availability. With these grippers, your plant earns money 24/7.

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Innovations - 9

THE WARRANTY PROMISE WITHOUT ANY FUSS 5000 Series – The first choice With its uncompromising quality "Made in Germany", the Zimmer Group promises a 24-month warranty for all GPP and GPD5000 grippers. This applies without any fuss to all parts, including those in contact with the workpiece and wearing parts, and is independent of the number of cycles. The series not only excels in quality and workmanship, it also offers the highest performance and is universally applicable. The best – Steel linear guide With the Steel Linear Guide, the gripper has been given a guide that takes the proven...

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Innovations - 10

INFORMATION This is what we call the new multi-functional end-of-arm platform from Zimmer Group and Schmalz, two technology leaders and handling specialists.

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Innovations - 11

TWO STRONG PARTNERS – ONE UNIQUE PLATFORM MATCH Equipped with an extensive range of functions and universal communication interfaces, MATCH is compatible with all common lightweight robots on the market – an ideal system for cobots and conventional 6-axis robots. Applications as varied as the system Whether mobile and collaborative robotics or fully automated applications, just one flexible system gives the user access to a nearly unlimited range of uses from production and assembly to warehouse logistics, shipping and even laboratory automation. Typical tasks are pick-and-place, order...

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Innovations - 12

ANY ROBOT, ANY GRIPPER, ANY END EFFECTOR Compatibility with all common robots The MATCH portfolio opens up countless application possibilities in all industries. No matter which modular solution you choose, we promise: It‘s a MATCH. Smooth interaction between robot and gripper is guaranteed by the smart connection concept. Appropriate for all common lightweight robots – an ideal system for cobots and conventional 6-axis robots. Communication module for IO-Link module No SCM is necessary for quick-change module with digital I/O. With quick-change module RS485, the SCM is integrated. Quick...

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Innovations - 13

QUICK-CHANGE FUNCTION MANUAL AND AUTOMATED Fast, convenient exchange Standardized interfaces The compact quick-change module provides two quick and easy ways to swap a component. In addition to an automated exchange in a storage station, known as the gripper station, exchanging by hand is also possible within seconds. Thanks to the ergonomic click system – integrated on the end effector being changed – it is possible to carry out a manual change with just one hand. At the same time, this prevents the exchange module from falling. The quick-change system features various interfaces....

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Innovations - 14

INFORMATION The new energy elements offer numerous useful functions to supply your tools at the tool changer with energy and signals.

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Innovations - 15

EXTENDED PRODUCT RANGE ENERGY ELEMENTS Electrical energy elements with new functions The energy elements of the WER series offer various new useful functions for supplying tools at the tool changer with energy and signals. These include, for example, tool coding of up to 16 loose parts, ground discharge for high currents and also elements with various connection plugs for signal transmission. In addition, we have planned further innovations for the coming months, such as contactless signal transmission, signal transmission with shielding (e.g. for servo motors), and a direct connection for...

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Innovations - 16

INFORMATION With the axis compensation modules of the new XYR1000-B series, the Zimmer Group has now developed another version that currently has the highest power density on the market and with which its range of robot accessories is receiving a decisive expansion.

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