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Innovations Linear Technology Clamping and braking elements + Hydraulic rotary clamping element DKHS1000 + Hydraulic braking element LBHS + Electric clamping element LKE + Range expanded for narrow rail carriages THE KNOW HOW FACTORY

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Innovations Linear Technology - 2

ROTARY CLAMPING ELEMENT DKHS1000 BACKLASH-FREE CLAMPING Accuracy by prestress The new rotary clamping element DKHS1000 enables the high accuracy fixture of the angular position of rotary axis in machine-tools. Through the elastic strain of the housing by hydraulic pressure, the element releases the rotary flange connection. PRODUCT ADVANTAGES ►► Highest accuracy in rotary axis ►► No functional parts with play and therefore backlash-free ►► Drive can be taken out of the control loop Elasticity induces longevity ►► Fastest reaction time and pressureless safety function due to prestressed...

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Innovations Linear Technology - 3

ROTARY CLAMPING ELEMENT DKHS1000 APPLICATION EXAMPLES ►► Swivel rotary table clamping ►► Safety clamping of torque-drive ►► Highest accuracy in rotary axis ►► Flat design ►► Fastest reaction time and pressureless safety function due to prestressed housing ►► Safety clamping of torque-drive All Information just a click away

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Innovations Linear Technology - 4

LBHS CLAMPING AND BRAKING ELEMENT BRAKING THROUGH RESIDUAL STRESS The LBHS series clamps and brakes without moving parts Zimmer Group is the market and technology leader in clamping and braking elements and is now proving its technological expertise with an impressive innovation. Zimmer has developed a hydraulic braking element that consists, basically, of a single functional component, does not contain any moving parts and generates all braking and holding forces solely through the residual stress of the base body. PRODUCT ADVANTAGES ►► A single functional component ►► ydraulic braking...

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Innovations Linear Technology - 5

LBHS CLAMPING AND BRAKING ELEMENT APPLICATION EXAMPLES ►► Positioning vertical axes ►► Braking linear motors thanks to the fastest closing time ►► Setting vertical axes in the rest position ►► Machine table clamping of machining centers ►► Positioning axes ►► Positioning vertical axes ►► Setting vertical axes in the rest position ►► Positioning lifting units ►► aintenance of the clamping force M without the need to use power ►► Precise positioning through maximum rigidity ►► Safe braking in emergency situations ►► Clamping measurement applications ►► Positioning vertical axes ►► Braking...

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Innovations Linear Technology - 6

LKE CLAMPING ELEMENT FAST WHILE FEATURING A HIGH HOLDING FORCE Independent from the pneumatic and hydraulic systems Unlike a pneumatic solution, the new LKE series impresses most notably with its integrated status polling (open/closed), which is output by digital status signals. The kinematics are supplied by means of an eccentric shaft with a mechanical self-locking mechanism (bi-stable). Based on the self-locking functional principle, when closed, the full holding force is sustained in the event of a power drop or while in a currentless state (e.g. with a system that has been switched...

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Innovations Linear Technology - 7

LKP(S)/LBPS CLAMPING AND BRAKING ELEMENTS RANGE FOR NARROW RAIL CARRIAGES Diverse product range further enhanced In addition to the spectacular innovation of the LBHS series, Zimmer Group offers its customers various other clamping and braking elements for narrow carriages. These traditional clamping and braking elements have been on the market for many years and have proven their value in countless industrial applications. Now these series are further enhanced with a tubeless air connection and a space-neutral air filter. The biggest advantage and safety upgrade comes with the new sensor...

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