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Innovations 2019 - 3

ZIMMER GROUP COMMITTED TO OUR CUSTOMERS WE HAVE SUCCEEDED FOR YEARS BY OFFERING OUR CUSTOMERS INNOVATIVE AND INDIVIDUALIZED SOLUTIONS. ZIMMER HAS GROWN CONTINUOUSLY AND TODAY WE REACHED A NEW MILESTONE: THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE KNOW-HOW FACTORY. IS THERE A SECRET TO OUR SUCCESS? Foundation. Excellent products and services have always been the foundation of our company’s growth. Zimmer is a source of advanced solutions and important technical innovations. This is why customers with high expectations for technology frequently find their way to us. When things get tricky, Zimmer Group is in...

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Innovations 2019 - 4

PRODUCT ADVANTAGES Adjustable gripping force Using gripping forces that are too high can damage your workpieces! You can optimally adjust the gripping force to your workpiece by means of the integrated rotary switch or over the control system via IO-Link. The grippers are equipped with a mechanical self-locking mechanism to prevent the loss of the workpiece in the event of power failure.

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Innovations 2019 - 5

THE COMPACT ELECTRIC GEP2000 SERIES EXTENSION GEP2000 with IO-Link: Future-proof intelligence In the IO-Link version, the gripper offers all the system-specific advantages of IO-Link. After connecting a single cable, which is used to supply power and transmit control and status data, the gripper can exchange data and signals with the higher-level control system. Parameters such as gripping force and gripping speed are defined centrally. Part detection is also possible in a range of +/- 0.05 mm for a tolerance range that can be taught to any value. IO-Link also opens up new horizons for...

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Innovations 2019 - 6


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Innovations 2019 - 7

THE COMPACT ELECTRIC GEP2000 SERIES EXTENSION Electric assembly gripper in new installation sizes The new, smaller and lighter sizes of the electric grippers from the GEP2000 series round out our current gripper portfolio. Due to their design, they are intended primarily for assembly tasks and handling small parts. To perform these tasks, the series now includes four sizes to offer adjustable gripping forces between 40 N and 500 N and jaw strokes between 6 mm and 16 mm. The grippers, which have a mechanical self-locking mechanism to prevent the loss of the workpiece in the event of power...

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Innovations 2019 - 8

PRODUCT ADVANTAGES Price-conscious The new GPP5000AL grippers have a steel‑aluminum profile rail guide (aluminum linear guide), which makes them especially interesting for price-conscious customers who do not want to do without the familiar quality of Zimmer Group.

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Innovations 2019 - 9

GPP5000AL grippers extend the product range Zimmer Group has extended the GPP5000AL series by introducing new sizes. The product range with 2-jaw parallel grippers and 3-jaw concentric grippers now has considerably more power and stroke. The special feature of the new models is the steel-aluminum profile rail guide (aluminum linear guide) offered by Zimmer Group. Thanks to their steel-aluminum profile rail guide, they technically outperform all T-slot grippers and are at least the equals of the multi-tooth guides in the market. With its uncompromising quality „Made in Germany," Zimmer Group...

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Innovations 2019 - 10

PRODUCT ADVANTAGES Setting adjustment Our GPP and GPD5000IL grippers would not be Industrie 4.0 products if they did not offer our customers significant added value. This added value arises from their ability to transfer status data to the control system via the higher-level IO-Link master using their own operating parameters (condition monitoring).

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Innovations 2019 - 11

PRODUCT RANGE 5000 GPP5000IL / GPD5000IL SERIES IO-Link grippers in new installation sizes The GPP/GPD5000IL premium gripper series (pneumatic-electric hybrid grippers) has been extended upwards. With new, even more powerful sizes (13, 16, 25), this variant is the link between the pneumatic and electric devices of the 5000 gripper series. It is the ideal solution for users who want to take the leap into the world of Industrie 4.0 gripping while still incorporating a highly reliable pneumatic drive unit into their processes. The IL variant is equipped with an integrated pneumatic valve which...

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Innovations 2019 - 12

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Innovations 2019 - 13

PRODUCT RANGE 5000 GPP5000IL / GPD5000IL SERIES Leading qualities The grippers from the 5000 series are equipped with an extremely durable, coated steel-in-steel profile groove guide, which is the reason for their practically unbeatable durability and high gripping forces. These steel-steel profile rail guides repeatedly show that they are extremely durable and 100 percent competitive. Essentially, there is no need to discuss the advantages of pure steel guides because throughout the industry and in mechanical engineering, steel-steel guides are the absolute, unbeatable standard. This has...

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Innovations 2019 - 14

PRODUCT ADVANTAGES Gentle yet powerful Available in two versions, power version -03 for handling heavy workpieces with mechanical self‑ locking and version -31 for gently gripping delicate parts.

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Innovations 2019 - 15

New electric concentric grippers - the GED6000 series The proven 6000 series has been extended to include the electric 3-jaw concentric grippers of the GED6000IL series - the ideal solution for handling rotationally symmetric parts. The grippers are equipped with a positionable servomotor and an integrated control: they do not require an external controller. Expensive special cables between the controller and the gripper are no longer necessary, and control is provided by future-proof IO-Link technology. In relation to the installation space they offer a very large stroke. And the...

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Innovations 2019 - 16

PRODUCT ADVANTAGES New variant -31 Enables gentle gripping of delicate workpieces that should be gripped only with limited force due to their geometry, surface finish or stability. This version rounds off the series and closes the gap in the lower range of gripping forces.

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Innovations 2019 - 17

GEH6000 electric gripper series The new -31 variant was developed specifically for handling fragile and delicate parts. In addition to the advantages of the previous -03 grippers, such as an integrated control, IO-Link technology and ability to position the gripper jaws, it provides the ability to reduce the gripping force to only a few newtons. The „gentleness“ of the new variant is achieved by a changed gear ratio, which also reduces the cycle time by a factor of 2. With this feature, almost all types of workpieces can now be gripped with the grippers of this series. Whether you want to...

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