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ZIMMER GROUP — THE KNOW-HOW FACTORY OUR KNOW-HOW FACTORY WORKS WITH ALL INDUSTRIES AND DELIVERS EVERYTHING FROM A SINGLE SOURCE. OUR PRODUCT RANGE IS FAR REACHING, BOTH IN ITS DEPTH AND ITS BREADTH. DO YOU HAVE A DEVELOPMENT PROBLEM? WE’LL SOLVE IT! SET US A CHALLENGE IN RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT. COUNTLESS INNOVATIONS ORIGINATE FROM OUR COMPANY. WE ARE ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT NEW PRODUCTS AND PRIDE OURSELVES ON OUR CORPORATE PIONEERING SPIRIT. CHINA: ZIMMER GROUP CHINA LTD. Level 2-D3 Bldg 4 No. 526 Fu-Te East 3rd Rd CN 200131 Pudong, Shanghai T +86 2161 630506 F +86 2161 005672 info.cn@zimmer-group.com www.zimmer-group.cn FRANCE: ZIMMER GROUP FRANCE SARL 8, Rue Sophie Germain FR    67720 Hoerdt T +33 388 833896 F +33 388 833975 info.fr@zimmer-group.com www.zimmer-group.fr GREAT BRITAIN, IRELAND: ZIMMER GROUP (UK) LTD. Bretby Business Park G05/G06 Repton House, Ashby Road, Bretby GB  Burton on Trent, DE15 0YZ T +44 1283 542103 F +44 5603 416852 info.uk@zimmer-group.com www.zimmer-group.co.uk INDIA: ZIMMER AUTOMATION LLP D 802, BRIZ Survey No. 451 Kasar Amboli, Piragut IN 412108 Pune T + 91 91 30 083828 info.in@zimmer-group.com www.zimmer-group.in ITALY: ZIMMER GROUP ITALIA S.R.L. Viale Montegrappa, 7 IT  27100 Pavia T +39 0382 571442 F +39 0382 571473 info.it@zimmer-group.com www.zimmer-group.it SPAIN, PORTUGAL: ZIMMER GROUP IBERIA S.L.U. C./ Charles Darwin 5, Nave 11 ES 28806 Alcalá de Henares/Madrid T +34 91 882 2623 F +34 91 882 8201 info.es@zimmer-group.com www.zimmer-group.es CANADA: ZIMMER GROUP CANADA INC. 26 Saunders Road CA L4N 9A8 Barrie, ON T +1 416766-6371 F +1 416766-6370 info.ca@zimmer-group.com www.zimmer-group.ca SOUTH KOREA: ZIMMER GROUP ASIA LTD. KOREAN OFFICE 1301 Byucksan digital valley 5, Beotkkot-ro 244, Geumcheon-Gu, KR  08513 Seoul T +82 2 2082-5651 F +82 2 2082-5650 info.kr@zimmer-group.com www.zimmer-group.kr POLAND: ZIMMER GROUP POLSKA SP.Z O.O. Ul. Widok 5 PL 43-300, Bielsko-Biala T +48 53 8316-332 info.pl@zimmer-group.com www.zimmer-group.pl AUSTRIA: ZIMMER GROUP AUSTRIA GMBH Dorf 23 4751 Dorf an der Pram T +43 7764 21222 F +43 7764 21222-22 info.at@zimmer-group.com www.zimmer-group.at SWITZERLAND, LIECHTENSTEIN: ZIMMER GMBH NIEDERLASSUNG SCHWEIZ Westbahnhofstraße 2 CH  4500 Solothurn T +41 32621-5152 F +41 32621-5153 info.ch@zimmer-group.com www.zimmer-group.ch SLOVAK REPUBLIC, CZECH REPUBLIC: ZIMMER GROUP SLOVENSKO S.R.O. Centrum 1746/265 SK Považská Bystrica 01706 T +421 42 4331-788 F +421 42 4331-266 info.sk@zimmer-group.com www.zimmer-group.sk TAIWAN, SINGAPORE, BRUNEI, CAMBODIA, INDONESIA, LAOS, MALAYSIA, MYANMAR, PHILIPPINES, THAILAND, VIETNAM, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND: ZIMMER GROUP ASIA LTD. 9F-3, No. 15, Jingguo Rd., Taoyuan Dist., TW 330 Taoyuan City T +866 3 301 8829 F +866 3 301 8929 info.asia@zimmer-group.com www.zimmer-group.com USA, COLOMBIA, MEXICO: ZIMMER GROUP US INC. 1095 6th Street Ct SE US Hickory, NC, 28602 T +1 828 855 9722 F +1 828 855 9723 info.us@zimmer-group.com www.zimmer-group.com Handling technology Gripper series 6000 BRAZIL, ARGENTINA, BOLIVIA, CHILE, ECUADOR, GUYANA, PARAGUAY, PERU, URUGUAY, VENEZUELA: ZIMMER GROUP SOUTH AMERICA IMP. EXP. LTDA Rua Wolsir A. Antonini 120 Bairro Fenavinho BR  95703-362 Bento Goncalves – RS T +55 54 2102-5400 F +55 54 3451-5494 info.br@zimmer-group.com www.zimmer-group.com.br Handling technology Gripper series 6000 HEADQUARTER: ZIMMER GROUP Am Glockenloch 2 DE  77866 Rheinau T +49 7844 9139-0 F +49 7844 9139-1199 info.de@zimmer-group.com www.zimmer-group.de Additional global sales partners of Zimmer Group can be found at http://www.zimmer-group.de/en/mainmenu/kontakt/ansprechpartner-weltwei

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The contents and data correspond to the status as of printing. Edition 04/2020. This catalog was created with great care and all information has been checked for accuracy. However, we assume no liability for incorrect or incomplete information. Zimmer Group reserves the right to technical changes and improvements through constant ongoing development of products and services. All text, images, depictions and illustrations in this catalog are the property of Zimmer Group and protected by copyright. Any duplicating, editing, changing, translating, filming, processing or saving in electronic...

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Handling technology Gripper series 6000 - 3

ZIMMER GROUP COMMITTED TO OUR CUSTOMERS WE HAVE SUCCEEDED FOR YEARS BY OFFERING OUR CUSTOMERS INNOVATIVE AND INDIVIDUALIZED SOLUTIONS. ZIMMER HAS GROWN CONTINUOUSLY AND TODAY WE HAVE REACHED A NEW MILESTONE: THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE KNOW-HOW FACTORY. IS THERE A SECRET TO OUR SUCCESS? Foundation. Excellent products and services have always been the foundation of our company’s growth. Zimmer is a source of ingenious solutions and important technical innovations. This is why customers with high expectations for technology frequently find their way to us. When things get tricky, Zimmer Group is...

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Handling technology Gripper series 6000 - 4

HANDLING TECHNOLOGY MORE THAN 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE AND INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE: OUR PNEUMATIC, HYDRAULIC AND ELECTRICAL HANDLING COMPONENTS AND SYSTEMS ARE GLOBAL LEADERS. Components. More than 2,000 standardized grippers, swivel units, robotic accessories and much more. We offer a complete selection of technologically superior products that are ready for rapid delivery. Semi-standard. Our modular approach to design enables custom configurations and high rates of innovation for process automation. DAMPING TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRIAL DAMPING TECHNOLOGY AND SOFT CLOSE PRODUCTS EXEMPLIFY THE INNOVATION...

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Handling technology Gripper series 6000 - 5

PROCESS TECHNOLOGY MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY IS ESSENTIAL FOR SYSTEMS AND COMPONENTS USED IN PROCESS TECHNOLOGY. HIGH-LEVEL CUSTOM SOLUTIONS ARE OUR TRADEMARK. A rich reservoir of experience. Our know-how ranges from the development of materials, processes and tools through product design to production of series products. Deep production capabilities. The Zimmer Group pairs these capabilities with flexibility, quality and precision, even when making custom products. Series production. We manufacture demanding products out of metal (MIM), elastomers and plastics with flexibility and speed. MACHINE...

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