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ZiMMER group 2-JAW PARALLEL GRIPPERS GPP1104CO-00-A► PRODUCT ADVANTAGES "Cost-effective" Parallel gripper with an unbeatable price/performance ratio Gripper jaw set and fixation material included Can be configured for spring opening or spring closing One installation size, three strokes: 4, 8 and 16 mm per gripper jaw Gripping force of 100 N Service life of up to 2 million cycles 1 Synchronization via rack and pinion 2 Intermediate jaws incl. mounting material included in scope of delivery 3 Sensing mounting and positioning of magnetic field sensors 4 Lightweight housing Hard-coated aluminum alloy 5 Single-acting pneumatic cylinder Spring return 6 Jaw slave screw for changing the gripper's direction of force 0 Energy supply possible from several sides 2 Gripper jaw for connecting the intermediate jaw or an individual gripper finger via centering sleeves ► TECHNICAL DATA Operating pressure max. Zimmer GmbH • Im Salmenkopf 5 • 77866 Rheinau •

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