Lithium Battery Charger/High-Speed/24V200A


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Lithium Battery Charger/High-Speed/24V200A - 1

尺寸(mm) Size(mm) 输入参数 Input 输入线缆 Input Wire 输出电压 Output Voltage (Three phases+Ground) 输出电流 Output Current 功率因数 Power Factor 介电强度 Dielectric Strength 绝缘电阻 Insulation Resistance 输入-输出 (Input - Output):DC1000V>200MΩ 输入-外壳 (Input - Housing):DC1000V>50MΩ 输出-外壳 (Output - Housing):DC1000V>50MΩ 防护等级 Ingress Protection 冷却系统 Cooling system 强制性风冷 Forced Air-cooling 工作温度 Operating temperature 储存运输温度 Storage or portage temperature 湿度 Humidity

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