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Special Motor *^»#EiT*sKtfs®m, ^atTSfetn., ^ag^issgssEfitiis^, Solar Tracker Motor Is Also Named Solar Tracking System Controlling Motor. The Motor Has Very Low Speed, Generally 2~3 Rpm Which Accords With The Feature Of Planetary Gear Motor. Because Reduction Ratio Of Planetary Gearbox Can Be Very Large To Achieve Very Low Speed. The Following DC Planetary Gear Motors, Stepping Planetary Gear Motors Can Resist And Work Well In Bad Weather Conditions With Their Safe And Reliable Use And Meet The Demands Of Small And Medium Automatic Tracking Systems. 60JX300K/60ZY105*atff S J* j# f&tH itai§ag60mm, *frfflftJ£30N.m Model: 60JX300K/60ZY105 (DC Planetary Gear Motor) Gearbox OD: 60mm; Output Torque:30N.m 52JX300K/52ZY95SSitTS*tfflf&#l J®ai§Ji;g52mm, !»aj$f*E30N.m Model: 52JX300K/52ZY95 (DC Planetary Gear Motor) Gearbox OD: 52mm; OutputTorque:30N.m 56JX300K/60ZY105BHaaEffSJ*a*tH EWIiS*&3llP65 Model: 56JX300K/60ZY105BH (DC Planetary Gear Motor) With Hall Sensor; IP65

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