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Rotary Magnetic Encoders can be equipped at the end of DC motors. Magnetic encoders are digital sensors testing the speed, angle and location. Several equi-spaced magnetic poles as level scales are recorded on the surface of strong magnetic materials. And beside the level scales are hall elements, which can detect the changes of magnetic flow, and by signal transmission, outputting i n a form of square wave. Square wave output has two forms: single chan nel and two channels. Two channels can detect two-way signals. That is, it can control two directions(CW and CCW). Rotary Magnetic Encoders have the following features: high speed, fast respond, dustproof, oil-proof, anti-vibration , low cost, easy and convenient for installation and debugging, good antijamming capability, suitable to long-line output. Remarks: Magnetic Encoders Need to Use Standalone Power Supply. Please Do Not Share Power Supply With DC Motor to Avoid Signal Interference.

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