DYD MOTOR_90YS/90JW AC Right Angle Gear Motor


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DYD MOTOR_90YS/90JW AC Right Angle Gear Motor - 1

20N.m Permissible Load Range: 20N.m• Indications of The Model Number 90YS90-3F / J W □ G15 □ Reduction Ratio Motor Type/Gearbox Model □ +Jfc^3£S!Stb WSMt □ Reduction Ratio iOSMftttti YSHfllWL. $&tf|jS&*40W* 60W* 90W Hffi380V* 220V ifflMMI: Z-WM®Jg(40W)N MMMfflk T-WiSfcm* 60w»90wfc^*iJ5fc^F-?wwt Three-Phase AC Motor, Output Power 40W* 60W or 90W Voltage: 380V* 220V Optional Components: Z-Damper(40W)* P-Thermal Protector* T-Speed Motor* D-Brake F-Cool Fan(Standard 60W and 90W motors)

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