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Location and Speed Sensor # Product Features £*««•£**£»*£* ft*« LED^awjtMa^ ffletw+afTflytsifcao istiuu m^i¥«^is-«s^sa5oo^o ft*««*^ftxaii9i=Ji]K. xaaflBtMMixftnffi#. aw w^*ftwa«o Optical Kit Encoders can be equipped at the end of servo motors, DC motors and stepping motors. Optical Kit Encoders are high precision digital sensors testing the speed, angle and location. Light from LED goes through grating coding dish which is tightly installed on the motor shaft, the receptor(phototube) turns the change of brightness alternation into pulse and amplify and handle it within the controller. Because of the influence of gear backlash or driving belt error, generally DC motors and stepping motors use optical kit encoder which are less than 500 lines. Optical Kit Encoders can be divided into two categories: two channels and three channels. Two channels can detect two-way signals. That is, it can control two directions(CW and CCW). • Model Description Type • Operation Environment 20% ~ 85%RH, (SfflSatSSB: -20 X,~ 80 "Co Relative Humidity (RH) :20% ~ 85%RH Temperature Range:-20 CC~ 801 # Wiring Instructions !&■’§■ Signal:A,B, Remarks: Optical Kit Encoders Need to Use Standalone Power Supply. Please Do Not Share Power Supply With DC Motor to Avoid Signal Interference.

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