DYD-Brushless Gear Motor-36JXE30K/36ZWNP57


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DYD-Brushless Gear Motor-36JXE30K/36ZWNP57 - 1

BLDC Planetary Gear Motor (Ring Gear Material: Metai and Powder Metai) 036 ffsmitm, Aittt&fcBB: 0.3N.m~3N.m 36JXE30K/36ZWNP57 36mm OD Planetary Gearbox, _Permissible Load Range: 0.3N.m~3N.m 3ffi4«, SfrSmhMt 3 phase4 poles brushless DC motor, with external driver »5fc£E ( M36JXF30K} , (SJ^-36JXE30K} Ring gear can be selected within the two materials: Powder metal (Type: 36JXF30K) , Metal (Type: 36JXE30K) • Dimensions • Brushless Motor Technical Data TYPE

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