DYD-Brushless Gear Motor-36JXB30K/36ZWNP40


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DYD-Brushless Gear Motor-36JXB30K/36ZWNP40 - 1

BLDC Planetary Gear Motor (Ping Gear Material: Meta! and Powder Meta!) 036 ffmmmm, jtwmmmm: o.3N.m~3N.m 36JXE30K/36ZWNP40 36mm OD Planetary Gearbox, _Permissible Load Range: 0.3N.m~3N.m 3*S4&, ril23g3)€g 3 phase 4 poles brushless DC motor, with built-in driver Ring gear can be selected within the two materials : Powder metal (Type: 36JXF30K) , Metal (Type: 36JXE30K) # Brushless Motor Technical Data TYPE • St Wire Diagram VCCftiMUEau GMD&fcSa«, ?ffiSJS. FRIEfiftfit^Sg, *e^«5VWfeiattl&jCCWp «GMD$$]SjCW0 FG»js«^a. ftM*-jq»iU2+*tt». PWMM®(g-t»A, gGNOteih* BRK{H3&«ftA, S&GMDWSS3&0 Vcc connects positive wire, GND connects negative wire. FR is signal wire for differentiating CCW and CW. Motor rotation is CCW when FR is Disconnected or connected with 5V. Motor rotation is CW when FR is connected with GND. FG is wire for speed signal, motor outputs 2 quare signals per revolution. PWM input speed control signal, connect +5V for motor full-speed working, while con nect G N D for stoppi n g. BRK is braking signal input, connect GND for braking. BLDC Motor Wiring Diagram

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