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BYH/BYT Series DC Isolator Switches - 1

SBENY Application f|AA> ^ C£ TUVRheinland CB SBENY BYH-32 true DC isolator switch in IP66 enclosure is developed for solar residential and commercial PV rooftop systems, should be installed between solar panels and inverter for DC power isolation. The first DC isolator complies with DC-PV2 AS60947.3 2018 standard. The patent arc-extinguish chamber and qualify material ensure the DC isolator’s reliable and long working life. Breather valve is attached on the enclosure bottom. Max voltage up to 1000V. Feature • IP66,UV Resistance • Arcing Time < 3ms • Earth Terminal • IEC60947-3, AS60947.3 • 2 Poles, 4 Poles Available(Single | Double String) • DC-PV2 / DC-21 B: 32A up to 1000VDC Appearance Introduction 1 Waterproof Plug 2 IP66 Ingress Protection 3 Sealed Plug 4 OFF 5 LOCK 6 Standard 7 Brand 8 Type 9 ON 10 Knob Parameter Electrical Characteristics Type Function Standard Utilization category Pole Rated frequency Rated operational voltage (Ue) Rated operational current (/e) Rated insulation voltage (l/,) Conventional free air thermal current(/fA) Conventional enclosed thermal current(/fhe) Rated short-time withstand current (/CJ Rated short-time making capacity (lcm) Rated conditional short-circuit current (/J Rated impulsed withstand voltage (Uimp) Overvoltage category Suitability for isolation Polarity Service Life/Cycle Operation Mechanical Electrical Installation Environment Ingress Protection Storage Temperature Operation Temperature Mounting Type Pollution degree Suitable environment Enclsoure Switch body BYH-32, BYH-32M1, BYH-32M2 Isolator, Control IEC60947-3, AS60947.3 DC-PV2/DC-21 B 4P DC 500V, 600V, 800V, 1000V See the next page 1200V II Same as /e 1kA,1s(4,4B); 1.7kA, Is (2H) 1.7kA(4,4B); 3kA(2H) 3kA 8.0kV II Yes No polarity, “+" and polarities could be interchanged. 15000 1000 IP66 IP20 -50°C ~ +90°C -40°C ~ +85°C Vertically or horizontally 3 Outdoor / Indoor

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BYH/BYT Series DC Isolator Switches - 2

J9BENV BYH Series Non-polarity DC Isolator Switches Breathing Valve Remarks: ZJBENY DC Isolator has a breathing valve already, to avoid the condensation issue.

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BYH/BYT Series DC Isolator Switches - 3

Wiring Diagram for Rated operational voltage Ue (V) & Rated operational current le (A) Bridging links installation * Warning: Verify that all connections (including bridging link connections) are suitable for the rated current, prepared to ensure only conductive parts are clamped and tightened to the manufacturers required torque before energization.

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BYH/BYT Series DC Isolator Switches - 4

Remarks: ZJBENY DC Isolator can be installed in any direction, but must do well performance for waterproof.

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BYH/BYT Series DC Isolator Switches - 5

Data according to AS60947-3:2018 Main Contacts

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