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RAIL TRANSIT SYSTEM CABLES /PRODUCT OVERVIEW Rail Transit Coaxial Cables Application Products are mainly applied in video transmission system of rail vehicles RAIL TRANSIT COAXIAL CABLES •Produced by advanced physical foaming technology, WDZ-SYWY cable has stable and reliable performance and uniform foaming degree. This technology can effectively reduce the cable insulation outside diameter and finished outside diameter, easy to install and lay the cable. •It has high transmission frequency, fast transmission rate and long transmission distance •The cable safety performance test results meet the requirements of EU EN 45545-2 or TJ/CL 313 standard, and the test results of smoke emission, flame retardant and toxicity are exceed the standard requirements. •It adopts aluminum foil and braided shielding method to effectively solve the interference of external electromagnetic signals to the cable transmission signal and has excellent anti-electromagnetic interference ability •It has excellent corrosion resistance, resistant to IRM 902 oil and IRM 903 oil, while meeting the requirements of acid and alkali resistance. •The cable made from high quality materials meets the 30-year service life requirement, has no prohibited substances (in accordance with the requirements of Tie Zong No. 50), and has good combustion heat va

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