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RAIL TRANSIT SYSTEM 轨交车辆数据电缆 / 产品概述 CABLES /PRODUCT OVERVIEW Zhaolong provides customers with network communication cable products for rail transit vehicles. 兆龙为客户提供轨交车辆网络通信电缆产品。 对原材料的严格选定, 专业的生产设备和强大研发团队的支撑, Strict selection of raw materials, professional production equipment and strong R&D team support 使我们能够提供满足 EN 45545-2 标准 , TJ/CL cable products that meet EN 45545-2 and TJ/CL耐酸 我们的电缆具有双耐油性, 313 enable Zhaolong to provide high-quality 313 标准的优质电缆产品, 耐碱性和高阻燃性, 使用寿命长,oil resistance, (符合铁总 alkali resistance. It has high flame resistance, , standards. Cables have double 无禁限用物质 acid and 50 号文要求) 可以安全可靠的使用在 PIS 系统, WIFI 系统, life, no prohibited substances (in accordance with the requirements of Tie Zong No. 50), 车载运维系统或其它场合。 long service and can be used safely and reliably in PIS system, WIFI system, vehicle operation and maintenance system or other occasions. CAT7 RAIL TRANSIT CABLE ·Use physical foaming technology to reduces the outer diameter of the cable and facilitates product installation. ·Using patented four-head longitudinal wrapping technology to improve cable crosstalk performance and ensure stable signal transmission. ·It adopts the shielding method of aluminum foil and braid, which has excellent anti-electromagnetic interference ability. ·The results of cable safety performance test meet and exceed the requirements of EN 45545-2

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