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LONGTRONIC™ Ethernet Cables Ethernet Cables LONGTRONIC™ ETHERNET CAT8 Low-Frequency Data Cables ZHAOLONG LONGTRONIC™ ETHERNET CAT8 S/FTP 4PR 23AWG PVC IEC60332-1 ****m YY/MM/DD Cop.weight approx. ( kg/km) 33.6 33.6 Weight approx. ( kg/km) 84.1 84.8 Robot Cables Servo Cables Towline Cables Properties Flame resistance of cable according to IEC60332-1 AL/Mylar individual screen and tinned copper wire braid Have excellent performance of resistant to external EMI Transmission of signals up to 2000 MHz Motion Control Cables Cable Construction Conductor : solid bare copper Insulation : Foamed PE Shield : AL/Mylar individual screen and tinned copper wire overall braid Jacket : See the table below Color : Yellow Technical Data —Temperature Range PVC : -20℃ ~70℃ LSZH : -40℃ ~80℃ —Test Voltage (DC) 1000V/min —Characteristic Impedance 100±15Ω@100MHz —Insulation Resistance ≥5GΩ.km —Minimum Bending Radius (D=cable diameter) Fixed Application : 10D —Reference Standard IEC61156-9 Sensor Cables Application Be used as high speed data cables in cablings systems of cloud computing center,computer room, uptown,factories and other buildings.For application in LANs like IEEE 802.3: 10BaseT,100Base-T, 1000Base-T,10GBase-T. And it can be also applied in the industrial environment. High-Temperature Electrical Cables Installation Cables Medical Cables Co

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