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Uniqa Chopper Series - 1


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Uniqa Chopper Series - 2

better together Chopper Series The ultimate solution to clogging problems of pumps and pipes in solid waste sewage lifting plants In wastewater treatment plants, more often than not, a high amount solid waste, even of large size, tends to build up inside the collection tanks, potentially blocking the impeller and clogging up the pipes making the lifting station almost ineffective. When this occurs at a time when there is a large influx of water into the tank, the blocking of the pump become a serious issue that can lead to overflowing and compromise safety. The use of filtering grids is not...

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Uniqa Chopper Series - 3

better together The Zenit solution ZUG CP models with high-efficiency motors and hydraulic "Chopper" can expel any solid shreddable body present in the wastewater by exploiting an effective cutting system The heart of the system consists of a robust steel knife with a sharp edge, skimming the blades of the channel impeller for cutting solid bodies of any shape and material. This prevents the impeller from blocking, but also avoids the buildup of residues in the pipe ensuring smooth operation of the system. The components are designed using special three-dimensional fluid-dynamic modelling...

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Uniqa Chopper Series - 4

better together How it is made The universal GAS thread of the cable gland allows the attachment of a protective tube to reduce chemical and mechanical stresses on the electrical cable caused by turbulence or the aggressive nature of the liquid. Drive shaft made of AISI 431 steel with impeller coupling by means of a conical joint and skimming adjustment system. Class H motor and PREMIUM IE3 efficiency guaranteeing high performance and excellent energy efficiency. Oversized bearings to ensure 100,000 hours of work. One or more probes can be installed inside the motor, terminal box or oil...

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Uniqa Chopper Series - 5

better together No-Lock cutting system The innovative No-Lock system allows the cutting of shreddable solid bodies present in the wastewater, avoiding potential blockage. Each chopper model is equipped with high-efficiency hydraulics which includes: • CHANNEL IMPELLER With sharp-edged blades made of a new material we call Hard cast iron, which is stronger than the commonly used grey cast iron, with a hardness between 450 and 500 HB. Its composition is particularly complex and derives from the chemical union of several substances in precise proportions. Name Class Type Designation • CUTTING...

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Uniqa Chopper Series - 6

better together Available Under development Specifications 50 and 60Hz versions Thermal protections integrated in the stator Long-life bearings (up to 100,000 hours) Leakage monitoring system in sealed compartment (standard) and motor (optional) Two silicon carbide mechanical seals in large oil chamber Closed jacket cooling system with internal recirculation Specifications of use Max. working temperature Liquid pH Liquid viscosity Liquid density Max. sound pressure level Max. immersion depth Max. start-ups per hour Materials Motor casing Impeller Mechanical seals Screws Standard gasket...

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Uniqa Chopper Series - 7

better together Electrical and hydraulic data Data Booklet The technical data and hydraulic performances of the main UNIQA models are provided in the relative Data Booklet available for download from the website.

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Uniqa Chopper Series - 8

The digital version of this catalogue is available for download at: better together The data provided are not binding. Zenit reserves the right to modify the product without advance notification. For further information, visit

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