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DISTINCTIVE FEATURES JUST WALK IN & OUT OF YOUR PALLET BOXES IMPROVING SPEED & SAFETY IN MATERIAL HANDLING By introducing a novelty in the construction of the MP Box, MPPAK succeeded in making a foldable pallet box which is fully functionally for loading and unloading with only 2 (or 3) walls of its detachable walls snapped onto the pallet. The Walk-in Pallet Box has some unique characteristics which have already provided rarely found solutions in various materials handling processes. 6 PRACTICAL ADVANTAGES OF THE WALK-IN PALLET BOX Safer & Faster Loading & Unloading Heavy goods or large...

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APPLICATION AREAS ABOUT US Due to the many practical advantages and safety issues solved, the Walk-In Pallet Box is allready being applied in a wide variety of logistics processes. HIGH RACKING SYSTEM In high racking systems highly dangerous situations can occur while (un-)loading pallets from the racking system. The Walk-in Pallet Box prevents goods from falling of the pallet without interfering with an easy orderpicking process. TRANSSHIPMENT OF PALLETIZED GOODS With the collo modular Walk-In Pallet Box, you can directly put the complete pallet inside the Walk-In Pallet Box for storage in...

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION 1. Easy & faster (un-) loading 2. Doubling truck load capacity 3. Stacking 5-high with 5.000kg 4. Fast 1-person (dis-)assembly 5. Collapsible during return transport 6. No maintenance - Long lifespan (25+ years) detachable wall system RETURN VOLUME LOADING CAPACITY Static Dynamic Racking Stacking 20mm thick x 95mm wide North European Whitewood. On request ISPM15 certified. Open space between the planks: ±85mm with standard planks. 2 mm sendzimir galvanized steel. Riveted steel. Walls are fixed to a pallet with centerpens and clasps. A rubberspring block in the four...

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