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PLASTIC PALLET BOX - 1000X1200 - 1

Zamko Foldable Pallet Boxes: Plastic, Wood & Steel. SKU: PCG.b105.F Category: Plastic Pallet Boxes PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This extra high Magnum Classic 1200x1000xH1200 is widely spread over Europe. The standard in its class. Now quite affordable. Used but in very good working condition. And with a dynamic load capacity of 500kg. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION External dimension Height when folded (mm) Interior volume (m3) Weight (kg) Loading Capacity STATIC 750 1+2 50 second hand 40 yes yes optional pallet & walls one piece Loading Capacity DYNAMISCH (kg) Stacking (Static) Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Condition Wall thickness (mm) Folding window Mouse Tight Lid

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