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Hopper bottom Bulk Container https://zamko.eu/product/plastic-pallet-boxes/hopper-bottom-bulk-container/ Zamko Foldable Pallet Boxes: Plastic, Wood & Steel. HOPPER BOTTOM BULK CONTAINER SKU: MPC.b105.X Category: Plastic Pallet Boxes PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This pallet box offers a solution for packaging, storing, transporting and dosing bulk goods and small items directly in (semi) automated production or assembly lines. This collapsible bulk container with hopper bottom for dosed unloading consists of a pallet with 4 collapsible side walls. Inside is a steel hopper bottom with a worm wheel construction for unloading The closed plastic side walls form a whole with the floor construction via a metal rim. The MP Bulk boxes are both folded (5-high in a truck) and can be stacked when folded out. When folded, the volume is reduced by no less than 60%. A worm gear construction is then used for the unloading. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION External dimension Height when folded (mm) Loading Capacity STATIC Loading Capacity DYNAMISCH (kg) Stacking (Static) Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Condition Wall thickness (mm) Folding window Mouse Tight Lid pallet & walls one piece

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Hopper bottom Bulk Container Foldable Pallet Boxes: Plastic, Wood & Steel.

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