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The collecting and transport of e-Waste In all EU countries the process of collecting, sorting and recycling e-waste is guided by the WEEE legislation and every countries national health- and safety laws. MP Packaging already delivers solutions to several local WEEE take back systems in Europe. We want to present you our tailor made solution for the e-waste industry. In all phases of this e-waste collection process our MP Box is used. Collecting points Our box pallets are used at the following Business & Retailers Located in larger companies’ and retailers ewaste and easy collection by a recycler for different types of e-waste. Municipal collecting points Available for the public to dispose of and presort at the same time. Every ewaste gets a separate MP Box which presorting more easy for the recycling Transport When bringing empty box pallet to points using the MP Box will save huge transport costs because they are collapsible only 12% of their volume. “The walls of 7 box pallets will fit into MP Box, thus saving up to 92% of space truck.”

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Ideal characteristics of a Box Pallet Over the years, people working in the e-waste sector have expressed some wishes concerning the boxes they use during the collecting and sorting process and the transportation throughout the process. We take out the most wished box pallet characteristics everyone will recognize: Let us compare the above with the collapsible box pallet solution we can offer. Economical in its use Long lifetime of 15 years Our MP Box is made of 20mm Northern European pine wood (IPSC certified). Because of the 2mm thick Sendzimir galvanized steel rim the box bas sturdiness...

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Easy to fill and empty Because of the detachable walls and the optional folding window, easy acces is possible and a low lifting hight is achieved. 1.3 m With a small alteration to the pallet, it’s even possible to empty the e- Waste Box by turning it upside down with a fork lift. Taking minimal space Because of it’s detachable walls the MP Box will take up to only 12% warehouse when empty and temporarely Situation in Warehouse The detached walls take only 12% of the normal space (plus the pallets). This means huge savings on precious warehouse surface. Situation during transport Also...

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Adaptable to specific wishes With or without front side folding window. With lid for outside use Interiors for fluorescent lamps Tilting device Also available Chemical proof Inside liner (for paint) Branding of logo and colored wood for corporate presentation î Company founded î Specialized the e-waste î Tailor made î High quality some e-Waste Recyclers

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