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DISTINCTIVE FEATURES HOW 4 WALLS CAN CHANGE YOUR BIG BAG LOGISTICS BIG BAG HOLDER FOR SMARTER BIG BAG LOGISTICS The MP Box is often used as a big bag holder. It provides companies with a versatile, more cost efficient and effective big bag logistics. Because the MP Box has some unique practical benefits. MPPAK’s Big Bag Holder ensures a safe double-stacked transport of big bags by truck, train or ship. Easy to load and unload. Available in various heights. For storage you can stack them up to 5-high (with 5 x 1.000 kg) without using a racking system. 6 PRACTICAL ADVANTAGES OF THE MP BOX...

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APPLICATION AREAS ABOUT US Due to the many practical advantages, MPPAK’s Big Bag Holder is used in a wide variety of logistics processes. INTERNAL TRANSPORT Moving big bags for internal processes like machine supply and movements between production locations ROAD, TRAIN & SEA TRANSPORT Safely double stacking your load during transport. Between factories, to and from suppliers and during delivery to your customers TEMPORARY STORAGE Space-saving solution by stacking big bags up to 5 high (5 x 1.000 kg) in warehouse for temporary storage or transshipment MPPAK develops and markets innovative,...

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6 ADVANTAGES 1. Doubling truck Load capacity 2. Stacking 5-high with 5.000kg 3. No swinging during truck transport 4. Side protection of goods 5. Flexible heights 6. Custom solutions on request MP BOX® detachable wall system WALLS 20mm thick x 95mm wide North European Whitewood. On request ISPM15 certified. Open space between the planks: ±85mm with standard planks. RIMS CONSTRUCTION RETURN VOLUME LOADING CAPACITY Static Dynamic Racking 2 mm sendzimir galvanized steel. 14% of full volume (ex pallet). TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Models all available standard heights The design of the MP Big Bag...

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