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JESPi L - 1

MATERIAL HANDLING PERFORMANCES Zallys JESPI L is a 4-wheel electric trolley with a load capacity up to 600 kg (1.322 lb), or up to 1.000 kg (2.204 lb) if equipped with heavy duty axles. This longer version of JESPI can be equipped with bigger baskets, platforms and other accessories. Mainly used in airports and stations for luggage or goods transport, it is suitable for many other work situations (garden cleaning, pallets handling, etc.) and it is a perfect base for customized applications.

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JESPi L - 2

Steel support Platform 1800x800 mm OPTIONAL BATTERIES Upgrade to tractor wheels (2 wheels) Turf tyres + snow chains kit Heavy duty axles & tractor wheels upgrade (1000 kg load) DR213.517-5 Scan this QR code for more information Heavy duty axles & non marking wheels upgrade (1000 kg load) ZALLYS srl Via Palazzina, 1 | 36030 Sarcedo (VI) - ITALY |

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