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Front View Side View For loads up to 1.500 kg. Versatile and compact. Interchangeable battery packs. 5-levels speed adjustment. Wide range of accessories and connections. Optional remote control driving.

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Performances on slopes While the force expressed in N at the hook remains unchanged, the following circumstances may affect the towing capacity expressed in kg: - type of ground on which the towing is performed; - towing on flat ground or on a slope; - use (or not) of ballasts; - type of wheels mounted on the vehicle and on the trailer.

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Ergonomic driving Zallys’ tillerhead has been conceived and produced to make the use of the machine more ergonomic for the operator, guaranteeing the right comfort while driving during the work shift. Its ergonomic design allows to have all the driving controls at your fingertips, the display with the battery charge level and the power key for an easy and fast ignition. The structure is made of resistant materials in case of accidental bumps. Power key 5 speed selection Anti-crush reverse button Dashboard Acoustic alarm Mantained action drive controls

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5 levels speed adjustment On the new M12 tillerhead by Zallys is mounted as standard a button for the adjustment of the speed of the machine. By clicking it, at each click you switch to the next level. This allows a fast and easy selection of the correct speed based on the kind of maneuvre. The Flex-to-Go system has been studied to give a better maneuverability in confined spaces and more speed on the longer journeys. Each click adds 20% more speed. Speed ramp: 20% - 40% - 60% - 80% - 100% Once the maximum speed is reached, by pressing the button again it returns to 20%.

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Interchangeable battery packs 24/7 Battery packs are lightweight and easily interchangeable in order to cover several work shifts: when one is discharged you can put it in charge and immediately replace it with a fully charged one. This way, the machine is always operating! Moreover, different amperages are available according to your needs: 33Ah, 45Ah AGM or 40Ah Lithium

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Modular ballast system Zallys modular system guarantees maximum flexibility on increasing the vehicle’s performances. With just 4 kg unit weight, single ballasts are lightweight and can be equipped without physical effort by the operator, while maintaining all their effectiveness.

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Example picture Example picture Example picture • Easy and quick connection • Cheaper price CONS • Can shift sideways along the frame • In the event of potholes, rails or doorsteps it could come off the bar • Easy and quick connection • With just 1 accessory it is possible to clamp frames of different measures • The hitch is controlled by commands on the tiller head CONS • Needs a configuration kit • Higher total cost compared to the standard machine configuration (although, it is a very good investment on the long run because it speeds up the coupling and uncoupling process) • More...

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on various production sectors

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Zallys srl srl - Via Palazzina 1, Sarcedo 36030 (VI) - Italia

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