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A-Level Aerosystems

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In 2003, A-Level Aerosystems (ZALA AERO) was founded by current company President Alexander Zakharov, since then he has led the company to be a leader in the micro UAV market in Russian Federation. The control system developed by A-Level Aerosystems is unique as it combines both helicopters and aeroplanes on one GCS. This is now a requirement for most customers as it offers numerous benefits. The wide range of platforms and high quality of products which are manufactured under ZALA brand have now built a first-class reputation among its customers in variety of government and civil agencies...

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ZALA AERO has provided services to differentiated markets. The energy sector has progressed significantly and is now a key focus. ZALA AERO has now focused its service provision and with its separate division developing the service to customer needs it currently boast thousands of kilometres of pipeline surveillance which is ongoing. Contracts have significantly increased since the start of the service in 2006 and for 2008 the contract is to monitor over 2000 km of pipeline. ZALA AERO has now built up its expertise after working with Gazprom on its tasks. With the built up experience last...

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ZALA 421-08 Payload Range Flight endurance Altitude Wingspan module of video cameras/ photo camera/ infrared camera 15 km max 100 minutes 4000 m above sea level 81 cm Length 42.5 cm Weight 2.1 kg Speed 65-130 km/h Engine electric Launch hand launched Landing parachute Wind speed at launch Navigation GPS Operating environment 15 m/s GPS/Glonass ZALA 421-08 is light weight, transportable complex, which includes two platforms, compact ground control station with backup power cells for both UAV and GCS. The complex of two platforms is transported in a backpack weighting only 9 kg. This complex...

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ZALA 421-04M Payload Range Flight endurance Altitude Wingspan 1 kg (gyro-stabilised module of video camera / infrared camera) 40 km max 120 minutes 3600 m above sea level 1.6 m Length 0.62 m Weight 4.2 kg Speed 65-120 km/h (Restricted) Engine electric Launch catapult Landing parachute Wind speed at launch Navigation Operating environment 10 m/s GPS/GLONASS -20°C to +40°C This platform offers optimal balance between weight and technical characteristics. Onboard this UAV is a built in digital photo camera, with changeable modules of gyrostabilised video or infrared camera. ZALA 421-04M is...

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ZALA 421-02 ZALA 421-02 is the largest unmanned helicopter in Russia. The payload capability and flight endurance make this platform stand out above its rivals. Vertical takeoff and landing gives the option of operating the platform onboard vessels. Payloads range from gas analysing, radioactive analysing module and a synthetic radar. Payload Range Flight endurance 40 kg 50 km max 6 hours Altitude 3000 m above sea level Dimensions 0.67 m, 2.64 m, 0.94 m Rotor diameter 3.064 m Weight 95 kg Speed 0-90 km/h Engine combustion engine Launch vertical - automatic Landing vertical - automatic...

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ZALA 421-06 Payload Range Flight endurance Altitude Dimensions Rotor diameter Speed 2 kg 15 km max 90 minutes – combustion engine 40 minutes – electric engine 2000 m above sea level 0.4 m, 1.6 m, 0.67 m 1.77 m 0-70 km/h Launch vertical — automatic Landing vertical — automatic Navigation GPS/GLONASS ZALA 421-06 is a fully functional unmanned helicopter, has successfully completed tests in emergency services and vessel reconnaissance. Platform is equipped with changeable payloads — video or infrared camera on gyro–stabilized gimbal.

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ZALA 421-16 ZALA 421-16 is assigned for monitoring of sea and land terrain including rugged relief under different weather conditions as well as for search and detection of objects. It is capable of real–time video and infrared data acquisition and transfer, retransmitting, position and visual targets detection, data collection, storage and procession. Userfriendly VIZA software. Flight endurance Aerodynamic configuration 7 hours flying wing Speed 150 km/h Range 50 km Engine internal combustion engine Wingspan Take-off weight 1.62 m 18kg max Size of takeoff and landing area 50*50 m Launch...

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Transportable GCS Ground Control Station (GCS) is fitted into an all weather protected case, which protects the equipment. GCS consists of data recording equipment, antenna, joystick and laptop. The laptop screen allows the operator to observe the current position of the UAV(s) on the map and control the flight using the interface with different operating options. Touch screen allows direct implementation of coordinates and missions without the need of keyboard speeding up the imput. Laptop has a built in GPS, which gives updated coordinates of GCS even when mobilised. Control of the...

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Infrared Camera Video Camera Infrared camera stabilised in two axis with a view on any point underneath the platform with stable manoeuvring viewing angle. Developed specifically for UAV and light aviation application. Colour video camera stabilised in two axis with a view on any point underneath the platform with stable manoeuvring viewing angle. Size Weight 115x140x112mm 580g Range of viewing angles: Elevation Azimuth Operating temperature Supply voltage Video output Resolution Spectral range Size Weight CCD-matrix -10° to -110° ±180° 30 to +50°C 9-28V PAL 115x140x112mm 480g ¼ inch Range...

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Functional Capabilities of ZALA Systems • Easy and fast implementation, automatic checks and mission inputs thought intuition based navigation on the interface. • Corrections (adding, deleting and changing waypoints), full restart of flight mission and synchronisation of flight mission with two GCS during the flight. • Real time video and data transfer from onboard the platform to the GCS. Recording of video in high resolution for after flight analysis and future analysis. • Ability to change video channels onboard the UAV during the flight using the GCS. • Flight data is directly displayed...

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