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Zaber's 2017 Catalogue

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TECHNICAL ARTICLE: DAISY-CHAINING DATA AND POWER TO REDUCE CABLING    8 A-BAR-E High Thrust Motorized Electric Cylinders with Motor Encoders    ...    18 T-NA Micro Linear Actuators     20 LAC Compact Motorized Actuators. .     24 NA Motorized Linear Actuators    26 TECHNICAL ARTICLE: CYCLING APPLICATIONS CREATING PRECISION FREQUENCY CONTROL AND VIBRATION    28 CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT: LASERMOTIVE INC.    35 T-LS Motorized Linear Stages    56 TSB Manual Translation Stages    60 CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT: CLEARINK DISPLAYS    80 X-FWR-E Motorized Filter Wheels     82 X-GLP-E Parallel Grippers    94 CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT: KYOTO UNIVERSITY     96 CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT: UNIVERSITY COLLEGE DUBLIN    98 TSB-V Low Vacuum Translation Stages.    121 CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT: UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD.    123 M-LSM Motorized Micromanipulators    . .    125 MULTI-AXIS & GANTRY SYSTEMS    128 TECHNICAL ARTICLE: DRIVING PARALLEL AXES WITH LOCKSTEP MOVEMENT. .    129 SCANNING & MICROSCOPE STAGES     148 TECHNICAL ARTICLE: USING TRIGGERS TO SIMPLIFY AUTOMATION    153 X-MCB2 Two-Axis Stepper Motor Controllers    157 X-MCB1 Stepper Motor Controllers     159

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Company Profile How Zaber Got Its Start Zaber Technologies was founded in 1997 by a group of friends with diverse interests in electro-mechanical systems, programming, and physics. Back then, precision linear actuators all used DC motors with gearboxes and encoders, and they required complicated motion control cards, bulky controllers, separate driver amplifiers, and special power supplies. Precision motion control was expensive, difficult to set up, and cumbersome to use. Zaber’s founders recognized the need for an inexpensive, integrated solution for motion control. They wanted to make...

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Our Focus Integrating your feedback into our products When you talk, we listen. We continually expand and improve our product line based on your feedback and requests. Providing excellent service and support We strive to offer the best service and technical support in the industry. We believe that these are the key ingredients in creating and sustaining a positive relationship with you. Offering the best price-to-performance ratio on the market We make products that strike a unique balance between quality, performance, and economy. Simplifying motion control Most of our products are ready...

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Prototyping and Testing As we get started designing a new product, one of our first steps is to build rough prototypes of the product or different sections of the product. We’ll whip up some parts in the machine shop and build things like drive assemblies so we can have something in our hands as fast as possible. These concept prototypes are not usually pretty, but we always learn a lot that we couldn’t tell from a computer model or from calculations. Just by holding it in your hands, you learn a lot from how it feels and moves. It’s common to find some detail that has to be changed when...

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Our Products Automate Positioning Tasks Quickly and Easily •  Motorized positioners with optional built-in controllers, drivers, motor encoders, and linear encoders •  Daisy-chain and control devices from a single computer connection (USB or Serial) •  Multiple products can share a single power supply •  Free software with source code Vacuum Devices Vacuum stages and actuators with built-in controllers Multi-Axis Devices Linear actuators with built-in controllers Multi-axis systems with built-in controllers Gantry systems Miniature linear stages with built-in controllers Vertical lift...

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When you talk, we listen; we continually expand and improve our product line based on your feedback. Expandable Design Easy Installation Automating more than one axis? You can daisy-chain up to 254 Zaber devices to a single RS-232 or USB port. Power can be transmitted through the data cables of T-Series and X-Series devices, allowing multiple devices of the same series to be powered from a single power supply. Minimal hardware and cabling make Zaber products easy to set up and help reduce clutter on the workbench. Connect the Zaber controller (built into the device or...

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About Our Products Built-in controllers simplify your set-up Many of our devices are designed with built-in controllers and drivers (and some with encoders), which reduces your cost, overall device footprint, and cable clutter. Don’t want the integrated controllers? We have versions compatible with our external controllers too. The choice is yours: enjoy complete automation through computer control, or use manual control Zaber devices are perfect for automating your positioning needs. Our free software allows you to send single commands or complex sequences. Most models offer a manual...

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Daisy-chaining Data and Power to Reduce Cabling Technical Paper Daisy-chaining Data and Power to Reduce Cabling By Sofia Moreno, Applications Engineer etting up motion control systems can be time consuming, costly, and complex. At Zaber, we focus on simplifying motion control. One way our systems can save you time and money is by reducing the number of cables required for a multi-axis system. While there are a few ways to reduce cabling, in this case we will be discussing daisy-chaining both data and power for multiple Zaber devices. Daisy-chaining refers to the connection of several...

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Figure 4: Voltage ratings for different series.

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Daisy-chaining Data and Power to Reduce Cabling Considerations for powering daisy-chained devices include: •  Can the devices daisy-chain power? •  What is the recommended voltage for each device? •  What is the maximum current draw1 or motor rated current 2 ? •  Which series are daisy-chained together? •  In what order should they be connected if there is more than one series in a daisy-chain? The recommended voltage and maximum current draw for a device, or in the case of peripherals, the motor rated current and recommended voltage for a stand-alone controller, can be found online in the...

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