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POSITIONING LASERS »» »» »» »» »» »» Wood Stone Textile Metal Tire Medical Wavelengths 405nm - 685nm (red, green, blue) Output power up to 80mW Long line length Highest precision Focusable or with fixed focus Robust housings

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Z-LASER is your specialist for innovative laser applications in industry and handcraft. Application Samples: Tire building Patient positioning Saw guidance Drilling Pressing Paper cutting Glass cutting / drilling Textile cutting Stitching & Sewing Screen printing etc. For 30 years, Z-LASER Optoelektronik GmbH has been developing and producing laser systems at the site of Freiburg i. Br. for positioning applications in various industries. Here, the lasers serve as a visual guide to position the material in the manual and also semi-automatic manufacturing or handling processes. Our aim is to...

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Compact laser with wide variety of laser diodes and optics Supply voltage: 5-30VDC with connector or 4-6VDC with integrated cable Simple, external hand focusing mechanism Dimensions: ØM12 thread with optic head 15mmx[50-80mm] Output power / Wavelength: 1-40mW/635nm (red) TTL modulation up to 100kHz optional Compact laser with wide variety of laser diodes and optics Supply voltage: 5-30VDC with connector or 4-6VDC with integrated cable Protection class IP67, water and dust resistant Simple, external hand focusing mechanism Dimensions: ØM18 thread with optic head 20mmx[76-138mm] Output power...

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Robust housing With robust housing our lasers are suitable for industry and handcraft. Your benefit: Shock-resistant, dust & water resistant, EMV tested! Our lasers operate in a range of 404nm (blue) to 685nm (red). Your benefit for best visibility: Optimal colour for different material surfaces! Available Optics: Line Other DOE optics on request

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Output power from 1mW to 80mW. Your benefit: Always the right power adjusted to your demand! Line straightness Our lasers project long and straight lines. Your benefit: Fast, easy and precise adjustment of material to save time and minimize waste! With our positioning lasers, you have the ability to determine the precise focus manually at site. Your benefit: Laser is flexibly adaptable to the working distance! Accessories: Mountings Precision mountings Power supplies & cables

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Wood Nearly 30 years ago, Z-LASER started producing lasers for the wood industry. Since then, positioning lasers have been mainly used in sawmills for precise and fast positioning of the logs before they are sawed. From this basic idea, a variety of applications have been developed: If you to trim, edge or cut a plank – the red or green line of the Z-LASER shows the way. With our systems it is also possible to upgrade older existing machines like panel saws or multi blade saws without any problems. Advantages: • Less waste = higher material yield • Safety issue: red line means attention...

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Textile Laser positioning is successfully used in sewing and embroidery applications, as well as in cutting and printing operations. They simplify work processes, accelerate the whole production process, improve product quality and replace classic alignment tools. It is important to know that a laser installation does not bring allong a change in the production facilities, since it can be easily integrated into the existing work processes. Consequently including laser in this processes does not require changes in the machine settings or long-lasting training of the staff. Advantages: •...

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We are available for you around the world. You will find our international representatives online at: Z-LASER sets industry standards. By continually investing in the corporate infrastructure, Z-LASER has cultivated a leading market position in various industries for over 30 years. Z-LASER has been certified to ISO 9001 since 1997. Quality audits of important industrial quantity buyers are performed regularly. To ensure we earn the high quality label “Made in Germany“, each laser is subjected to stringent controls. “The fascination of the perfect light inspired me 35 years...

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