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LASERS FOR MACHINE VISION »» »» »» »» »» »» Analysis Science Metrology Metal Wood Food & Beverage Automotive Robotics Medical Electronics Wavelengths from 405nm - 980nm Output power from <1mW - 6000mW Micro-lines Exceptional uniformity Waterproof / dustproof (IP67 protection class) Customized assembly

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With more than 30 years of experience, Z-LASER is THE leading provider of lasers and laser-based systems to a wide variety of industries across the world. Lasers for machine vision are used as a structured light source in many Solder paste inspection image-processing systems during laser triangulation techniques. This Wafer inspection form of lighting can capture the spatial contours of moving and fixed Accuracy of metal parts Robotic surveying systems objects. Depending on the type of objects to be examined, micro or macro lines or various patterns (multi-lines, dot matrices, crosses,...

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ZM18 • Output power: 1-200mW • Wavelength: 405-980nm (red, green, blue, infrared) • Points, Gaussian / uniform lines, multi-line, dot matrix, crosses, other projections on request • Dimensions: M18 thread with optical head Ø20mmx[76-138mm] • IP67 protection class, waterproof and dustproof • Analog intensity setting and TTL modulation up to 500kHz • Internal storage of operating parameters such as temperature, operating hours, ... • Simple, hand focusing on optical head • Supply voltage: 5-30VDC with connector or 4-6VDC with integrated cable • M12 plug connector guarantees optimal connection...

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Features Wavelength The lasers have wavelengths from 405nm (violet) to 980nm (infrared). Your benefit: Optimal wavelength and excellent visibility! Output power Ranges from <0.2mW up to 6000mW. Your benefit: Optimal power adjustment suiting your conditions! Boresight Accuracy Modulation Some laser models have optionally analog and/or digital modulation. Your benefit: Synchronization with your camera, extension of product life! Laser Line Profile Report Working distance The ZM12 and ZM18 product families are IP67 rated. Becker, Your benefit:C. Suitable for extreme conditions! Comment Very...

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Line thickness 6µm projection thickness is achievable with exclusive systems. Your benefit: Detection of smallest structures! Uniformity We provide laser lines with highest homogeneity (±5%). Your benefit: Optimal illuminated measuring range! Through a modular component system, the right projection for the requirements of each application can be chosen. Your benefit: Flexible combination with standard modules! The triangulation method Triangulation is a purely trigonometric measuring principle and measurements can be done very rapidly and continuously. This method is particularly suitable...

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Food & beverage Hardly any industry sector has a greater demand on quality than the food industry. The aim is to provide customers with consistent and high quality. This can only be realized by a corresponding inspection effort for all production steps. Nevertheless, optical measurement equipment is increasingly used in order to continue achieving high production rates. An example is the use of triangulation systems to determine the weight and volume of meat and cheese for automatic cutting. Other possible applications: • Automatic sorting • Quality control / dimensional accuracy (of...

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Metal Our customers are often confronted with adverse conditions during the measurement of metallic surfaces such as highly reflective surfaces, self-emission of the material or high ambient temperatures. In steel production (e.g. roller mills), lasers are used for surface inspection and for detection of dimensional accuracy of hot steel slabs. The difficulty here is the intrinsic emission of the specimen. Nevertheless, to ensure sufficient contrast for measurements temperature-stabilized laser sources with output powers up to 6W and different wavelengths (450nm / 635-690nm / 808 nm) are...

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We are available for you around the world. You will find our international representatives online at: Z-LASER sets industry standards. By continually investing in the corporate infrastructure, Z-LASER has cultivated a leading market position in various industries for over 30 years. Z-LASER has been certified to ISO 9001 since 1997. Quality audits of important industrial quantity buyers are performed regularly. To ensure we earn the high quality label “Made in Germany“, each laser is subjected to stringent controls. “The fascination of the perfect light inspired me 35 years...

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