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LASER PROJECTORS »» »» »» »» »» Automotive Composites Textile Concrete Wood & Stone Logistics Assembly Highly precise projection on user-defined 2D surfaces / 3D objects Optimized for small and very large application scenarios Scalable system, supports multi projector systems Displays a number of CAD-files User-friendly installation and appliance in industrial applications

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With more than 25 years of experience, Z-LASER is THE leading provider of lasers and laser-based systems to a wide variety of industries across the world. Laser projectors are optical guiding systems. It replaces positioning Display of assembly position the position and direction of the material to be installed. Thereby, the Positioning of carbon fiber parts tools in many production processes, by projecting on the component employee is visually guided through the manual or semi-automatic manufacturing process. Illustration of cutting outline on textile or leather materials Support of work...

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LP-HFD • Wider fan angle (80° x 80°) enables larger area of operation • Red or green fiber-coupled laser source • Multiple projectors combine to create system capable of projecting over large and highly complex projections • Serial, Ethernet, SPS data transfer Customised LP • Unit assembly system • Faster driver card for almost flicker-free projection • Tele-optic optional available for a distance of >10m • Reduction of fan angle to 60° x 60° for higher accuracy • Stainless steel housing on demand • Integration of projection unit in OEM solutions Z3D-Control • Camera based 3D measuring and...

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Features Client-server-structure This feature enables the user to control several projectors with a single control computer Your benefit: Save by purchasing fewer computers! Multi projection system It is possible to combine up to 16 laser projectors on a single line. Your benefit: Projection over a very large working surface! Power Power range from 1mW to 40mW. Every output power is available in green and red. Your benefit: Good visibility despite large projection or bright environment! Integrated cooling system Air filter protects the internal components of the projector, against high...

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Tele-optic Laser projectors are able to project over longer distances with high precision using a Teleoptic. Your benet: Accurate projection over further distances! The projectors can be specified with fan angles up to 80°. Your benefit: Variable fan angle; 60° for high accuracy, 80° for larger projections! Fiber-coupled laser sources Installation of the projectors The LP is still set up by using 4 known points on a single height level. Our 3D setup algorithm allows you alternatively to adjust the projector by using 6 known X,Y and Z coordinates. Your benefit: Material and sequence of the...

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In the commercial vehicle industry, laser projectors are used for the positioning of construction elements such as anchors, bracings and electronic wiring. Without laser projectors, it usually takes many repetitions for the worker to remember the position of elements on the automobile frame. By visually guiding the employee through the production process, the training period for the worker and the time required for the positioning of the elements is greatly reduced. 2D and 3D laser projections are used in all manufacturing processes where fiber composite materials are processed. Some...

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Wood & Stone The laser projector generates a laser image to scale from a wall-element design file and then projects it on the work surface. By displaying only what is required for each step in the manufacturing process, the process becomes understandable and transparent. This guarantees the execution of each work step with all specified mounting cutouts for windows or installations. When plates are set, the laser shows the position of the sub-structure and the placement of the nails. In the production of precast concrete walls and ceilings, projection over a large area is required. In this...

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We are available for you around the world. You will find our international representatives online at: Z-LASER sets industry standards. By continually investing in the corporate infrastructure, Z-LASER has cultivated a leading market position in various industries for over 30 years. Z-LASER has been certified to ISO 9001 since 1997. Quality audits of important industrial quantity buyers are fulfilled regularly. To ensure we earn the high quality label “Made in Germany“, each laser is subjected to stringent controls. “The fascination of the perfect light inspired me 35 years...

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