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RSG environmentally friendly halogen-free flame retardant heat shrinkbale tube rs Hoonsin Inner dimension after shrinkage Inner dimension before shrinkage WrM&R-tI&, V-Mfe. G-*§fe, B-Hfe, c-3m w-Sfe, Color R-red,Y-Yellow,G-Green,B-Black,C-Transparent,W-White, BL-ig BL-blue 01 1KV, lO^jjtlOKV Voltgae 01 -1 kV, 1-10kV, 35-35kV RSG RSG Continuous length of low temperature flame-resistance heat-shrinkable tube HBRSG HBRSG halogen with low-smoke and free heat-shrink able tube rsgs •emueamamit^ts hahn Ri^ixue. RSGs MPG low temperature flame-resist hear-shrinkable tubes are new high-tech products. They have good physical and chemical performance such as corrosion-resistance insulate and flame-resistance.They are new mate-rials for the power and communication projects.They apply in the insulate of the cable and terminal and connector,protect ion and mark,I inear components useds in the power system,insulated protection of the terminal and connector and handling the conduct wire of the soft cable.As only heat gun can shrink them,they are easily used. No. Item Quality date No. Item Quality datettisg (°c) o Shrunk temperature (°C) fe§l!¥ (%) Deviation partitcon ratio (%) Radial shrinkage ratio (%) Heat-Shrinkable Casing Series Breakdown strength (kV/mm) mmmz Flame-resistance performance c«> Broken extension ratio (%)

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Hbrsg Low-Smoke And Halogen-Free Environmentally Friendly Heat Shrink Tube Hoonsin Product pictures ;±: LX±roDcJgfe*«£fe: Us Ms =s Ss 99S6%WftAH>. ItJSrfiSSSSu^^SSSBifiltTSo mnm5»I. 5D®W^g/Jv^6mmiig%S0 8»/^«)B» Note: Standard color:black(default color) Other color:red,yellow,blue,white,transparent. Customized products need be orderd 2 weeks in advance. Cutting cost:0.05 RMB/m. 0.08 RMB/m.(Cutting length less than 6mm) Heat-Shrinkable Casing Series

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10kV/35kVi§*i, tffg&HiSHE 10Kv/35Kv Long/Short Bus Bar Heat Shrink Tubing It's a good insulating material,mainly used for insulation protection of busbars in high voltage switchgear, power plant and can prevent foreign object from overlapping,prevent short circuit caused by small animals intrusion,prevent maintainer from straying in chageing gap.prevent condensation and increase the effect of phase insulation. SJ5f*9@ Inner dimension after shrinkage Inner dimension before shrinkage wm& R-*I£. Y-ftfe, G-Sfe. Color R-Red, Y-Yellow, G-Green, B-Black 01 1KV, 10S5t10KV, 35^jt35KV...

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10kV/35kVi§*f^10Kv/35Kv Long/Short Bus Bar Heat Shrink Tubing Name

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