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Yudian Universal Indicator AI-500/AI-501/AI-700/AI-701 - 1

UNIVERSAL INDICATOR AI SERIES UNIVERSAL INTELLIGENT INDICATOR PRODUCT INTRODUCTION AI series universal intelligent indicator is designed for a service life of over 10 years and has 3-year free warranty. Suitable for measuring and displaying temperature, pressure, flow, level, humidity, etc. Widely used in electricity, chemical, metallurgy, food processing and other industries. FUNCTIONS AND FEATURES The input can be freely selected as thermocouple, RTD, voltage, current, Ohm signal and etc. Support up to 4 channels alarm relay output including 2 channels high limit alarms and 2 channels low limit alarms. With functions of digit calibrating, digital filtering, and thermocouple cold junction auto compensating, which is easy operated. Support high accuracy retransmission output with accuracy up to 14-bit D/A and temperature drift less than 100PPm/℃. Support RS485 communication interface, widely used for AIDCS, split paperless recorder and touch screen control system. Single display Dual display Single display Dual display OVERALL DIMENSIONS

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Yudian Universal Indicator AI-500/AI-501/AI-700/AI-701 - 2

UNIVERSAL INDICATOR XudianMODEL SELECTION AND SPECIFICATIONS > 1 □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ 1. AI-751 supports Modbus RTU protocol and only A and E dimensions are available. 2. AI-500/700 doesn't have light bar. 3. D size doesn't have MIO, and its COMM and ALM share one slot. If indicators installs RS485 module, it doesn't have ALM; If controller requires alarm function it can install alarm module in AUX. 4. D2 size doesn't have MIO and ALM, and its COMM and AUX share one slot. So controller should choose either RS485 or alarm function. If require both RS485 and alarm, users should choose D6 size...

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Yudian Universal Indicator AI-500/AI-501/AI-700/AI-701 - 3

UNIVERSAL INDICATOR JrUDIAN MODEL SELECTION There are maximum five module slots: multi-function input (MIO), main output (OUPT), alarm (ALAM), auxiliary output (AUX) and communication (COMM). The modules can be purchased together or individual, and can be assembled freely. Example 1: AI-701E5I4X3L3L3S4 AI-701 _E_ ]4 X3 L3 L3 S4 ® © © © © © ® Main model for instrument is AI-701, single channel indicator, with single display and measuring accuracy of 0.2%FS © Front panel size is E 48*96mm. © I4 module in MIO means 4~20mA/ 0~20mA or signals from 2-wire transmitter input. © X3 module in OUTP...

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