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POWER METER AI-601/6010/6011 CURRENT/ VOLTAGE/ POWER METER PRODUCT INTRODUCTION AI series power meter includes AI-601 AC power meter, AI-6010 AC voltage meter and AI-6011 AC current meter. AI-601 AC power meter can display voltage or current as well by parameter setting. Products are designed for 10-year life at least and 3-year free warranty. In addition, user can choose Yudian intelligent indicator AI-500/501/700/701/751 for measuring DC voltage or DC current, including 0~20VDC, 0~50VDC, 0~100VDC, 0~200VDC, 0~500VDC, 0~1000VDC or 0~5ADC and etc. FUNCTIONS AND FEATURES Freely defined measurement scale and decimal point position Up to four channels of alarm relay output, including high limit,low limit,second high limit and second low limit. Support high accuracy retransmission output with accuracy up to 14-bit D/A and temperature drift less than 100PPm/℃. Support RS485 communication to split paperless recorder and touch screen control system. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Input: AC Current: 0~5A (other input specification can be customized) AC Voltage: 0~500VAC (0~250VAC or other input specification can be customized) Power: Power display range can be freely defined according to the input of AC voltage and current Measuring accuracy: 0.2%FS (0.2%FS/℃±1 byte) Temperature shift: ≤0.01%FS/℃(typical value is approximate 50ppm/℃) Retransmission: PV retransmission output when X3 current module is installed in OUTP slot (max load resistance is 500Ω) Alarm function: high limit, low limit, second high limit and second low limit. Power consumption: ≤5W, without any module ≤1W OVERALL DIMENSIONS

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POWER METER JrUDIANMODEL SELECTION AND SPECIFICATIONS Al- □ MODEL SELECTION AI-601AV24X3L2L2S4, main model for instrument is power meter AI-601, front panel size A 96*96mm, 24VDC feed supply, linear current 4-20mA output, with two channels alarm and RS485 communication interface. WIRING DIAGRAM • AC —1 -- AC _ - DC •— current voltage input current input voltage output retransmission output

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