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DIN RAIL MOUNTED MODULE AI SERIES DIN RAIL MOUNTED INDUSTRIAL CONTROL MODULE PRODUCT INTRODUCTION D5 series has mounting width of only 22.5mm. AI-7048D5 is the 4 channels PID temperature controller with narrowest width in the world. DIN rail mounted industrial control module is designed for ten years life at least and three-year warranty. It is widely used in occasions that need to save space, collect data and control temperature. Parameter settings can be set by upper machine or YUDIAN handheld display E8. TYPICAL APPLICATION Used as lower machine for AIDCS intelligent distributed control system, paperless data logger/ touch screen control system and PLC. ATTENTION: All modules except AI-301ME5 are D5 rail mounted type(installation width: 22.5mm).

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D5 Series DIN Rail Mounted Modules - 2

DIN RAIL MOUNTED MODULEPRODUCT INTRODUCTION AI-301ME5 □ □ □ □ □ □ ATTENTION: AI-301ME5 supports frequency input only when I2 installed in M1. MODEL SELECTION SPECIFICATION: AI-301M have 6 module slots. Communication (COMM) is for installing communication module to communicate with computer; M1, M2, M3, M4, M5 can install dual channel switch input module or 1/2 channels relay output module. M1 can install I2 module for frequency input. MODEL SELECTION: Example: AI-301ME5I5I5I5L3L3S-24VDC AI-301M E5 I5 I5 I5 L3 L3 _S_ - 24VDC © © © © © © Main model for instrument is AI-301M,...

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D5 Series DIN Rail Mounted Modules - 3

DIN RAIL MOUNTED MODULE WIRING DIAGRAM AI-516/516P/519/526/526P AI-7028D5, AI-7048D5 1

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