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YLM GG 144CELL - 1

Power Your Life DOUBLED STRENGTH File name: Corporate Logo with Tagline / Vertical.ai Whenever the conditions are requiring a more robust solution, our modules are the right choice. Carefully chosen materials, state of the art solar cells and our experience in manufacturing to ensure high product quality. Bifacial Power In contrast to conventional modules, YLM GG modules can generate energy from both sides. As the backside makes use of the reflected and scattered light from the surroundings, these modules could yield significantly more power, depending upon the albedo. High Yield YLM GG modules often generate more energy due to their low LID and the temperature coefficient of p-type monocrystalline silicon solar cells. Higher Bifaciality Imagine a solar module flipped upside down with its back to the sun. The amount of power that it can still produce is compared against the nameplate badge, which is the bifacialilty factor. A major advantage of choosing YLM GG modules is that the backside will perform at an industry leading of the p-type bifacial modules. PRODUCT WARRANTY 行业线性质保 * Higher Durability The double glass construction improves the long-term mechanical performance of the module. Furthermore, YLM GG modules work well in muggy conditions, and independently tested for harsh environmental conditions, such as exposure to salt mist, ammonia, dust or known PID risk factors. POWER SELECTION TOLERANCE YLM GG 30 Years Linear Warranty Optimal Self-cleaning Choose our frameless “DL“ module for optimal self-cleaning. Mechanical Performance Choose our specially designed aluminium framed “DF“ module for enhanced mechanical performance and more ease of use in traditional installation methods. Year YLM GG Linear Warranty Industry Standard Linear Warranty * In Total Additional 22.39% Warranted Power Yingli Green Energy Founded in 1987, Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited, known as “Yingli Solar”, is one of the world’s oldest leading solar panel manufacturers with the mission to provide affordable green energy for all. Yingli Solar makes solar power possible for communities everywhere by using our global manufacturin

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YLM GG 144CELL - 2

144DL (144 cell, p-type mono-Si, frameless): YLxxxDL72 1/2 (xxx=Pmax) Module type 144DF (144 cell, p-type mono-Si, framed): File name: Corporate Logo with Tagline / Vertical.ai Electrical Parameters at Standard Test Conditions (STC) Power output Open-circuit voltage Short-circuit current Power output tolerance Electrical Parameters at Nominal Module Operating Temperature (NMOT) Power output Open-circuit voltage Short-circuit current Bifacial Power Output (Backside Power Gain) Power output (power gain 10%) Power output (power gain 15%) Power output (power gain 25%) Temperature coefficient of...

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