MV Series Vertical Machining Centers 105A/168A/138B/168B


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MV Series Vertical Machining Centers 105A/168A/138B/168B - 1

Series Vertical Machining Centers 105A/168A/138B/168B A A B B > s i n c e 1 9 5 4 size="-5">

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MV Series Vertical Machining Centers 105A/168A/138B/168B - 2

Hardened and ground slide-way structure, or constructed with rigid linear motion guideways, assembled by precise scraper works on strict machine alignments to the utmost dynamic accuracy, make the most reliable and durable machine tools. This series of machine is widely adopted for precision manufacturing and high productivity industries, like in automobile, aerospace, IT related electronic industries, and various molds and dies machining. > Various configurations of high speed precision spindle, quick and reliable ATC, and accurate axial servo systems are offered to accommodate a variety...

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MV Series Vertical Machining Centers 105A/168A/138B/168B - 3

When the spindle load overruns the setting value, the feed rate can be adjusted automatically in order to alleviate the spindle load; vice versa, so as to maintain the productivity, to extend the durability of machine and less tool replacement. % 150 FormAFormB 060100 Coolant Through Spindle (Opt.) DIN69871 Form A/ Form B; Pressure: 10kg/cm > 2 142.2Psi; 20kg/cm > 2 284.5Psi Take the MV105A as example Z.TELESCOPIC COVERCHIP ENCLOSURETELESCOPIC COVER COOLANT TANK CAPACITY 240LSLANT BED AND CHIP PAN > OILCOOLER CIRCULATIONLOOPCOOLOILHOTOIL COOLOILHOTOILFILTER OILMATIC-OIL COOLER 6000rpm(std.)...

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MV Series Vertical Machining Centers 105A/168A/138B/168B - 6

The swivel operation panel of appropriate height and clear modular switches is easily operated and conform to the highest safety compliance. All signals and operation messages are clearly displayed for immediate attention and easy maintenance. The installation of detachable MPG hand wheel is convenient to operate job set-up and trials. > MV105A / MV168A MV138B / MV168B Various ATC of 20T, 24T, 30T, and 40T modules offer flexible machining requirements. The armless carousel type ATC for MV105A is a compact and easy maintenance design for tool room applications. > Roller-gear-Cam system runs...

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MV Series Vertical Machining Centers 105A/168A/138B/168B - 7

All precision ballscrews are pre-tensioned and directly coupled with the drive motors, and restrain the thermal deformation, increase the rigidity, and enhance machining accuracy. The Z Axis counter weight is guided to assure smooth movement at rapid feed, and maintain good accuracy. The extra wide V-type ribbed casting base strengthens the rigidity, and no over-hang suspension; the wide-span design on the column base also ensures high static accuracy of the machine. Y Axis is complex 4-SlideWay design. The inner two are Linear Guide Ways; the outer two are hardened and ground integrated...

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MV Series Vertical Machining Centers 105A/168A/138B/168B - 8

All hardened and ground guideways are Turcite-B plated to enhance the rigidity and durability. The most suitable span of guideways are applied on all axes to maintain long-term accuracy in axial movements. Ball screws are pre-tensioned and connected directly to the drive motor that restrains thermal deformation and increases rigidity. The 4-slideway design supports the saddle and no saddle overhang. The Z-axis inner rail design strengthens the best force fluid concept, and assures cutting rigidity. (MV138B/MV168B). The headstock counter weight is installed along with guide-bar for better...

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MV Series Vertical Machining Centers 105A/168A/138B/168B - 12

ItemSpecifications MXP200i Controlled axis3 axes PositioningG00 EIA / ISO automatic recognition Label skip Controlled axis expansion (total)Max. 4 axes Exact stopG09 Max. 5 axes Exact stop modeG61 Parity check Simultaneously controlled axis4 axes Single direction positioningG60 Control in / out Simultaneously controlled axis expansion (total)Max. 4 axes DwellG04 Optional block skip1, Hardware is necessary Inch / Metric conversionG20 / G21 Linear interpolationG01 9, Hardware is necessary Least input increment0.001mm / 0.0001inch / 0.001deg Circular interpolationG02 / G03 Max. programmable...

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MV Series Vertical Machining Centers 105A/168A/138B/168B - 13

Reader / Puncher interfaceRS-232 interface Memory card interfaceFor customer Data Server-ATASlot unit is necessary Standard 128MB, MAX.2GB External message > Status output signal Connectable servo motor Connectable servo AMP Connectable spindle motor Connectable spindle AMP 10.4 color LCD / MDI (full key)Separate type We reverse the right to make any modification without notice. >

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MV Series Vertical Machining Centers 105A/168A/138B/168B - 14

: Standard : Optional : None > ITEMS MODELMV105AMV168AMV138BMV168B Work Lamp Pilot Lamp Tool Kit Gear Box Safety Door Automatic Door Optical Scale Foundation Bolt Oil Skimmer Heat Exchanger Rigid Tapping Coolant Equipment System Oil Skimmer Sub-Table or Auxiliary Table Coolant Gun Cutting Air Blast Spindle Air Blast Oil-Mist Coolant System Spindle Air Seal Spindle Cooling System Hydraulic System Oil Hole Holder Automatic Power Off Device Chips Flush Coolant Device ATC Unit Pull Stud and Tool Shank Chip Enclosure Central Lubrication System Spindle Cooling System Leveling Blocks and Bolts...

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MV Series Vertical Machining Centers 105A/168A/138B/168B - 15

X Axis Travel mm inch 1020 40.161650 64.961350 53.151650 64.96Y Axis Travel mm inch 520 20.47760 29.92Z Axis Travel mm inch 630 24.80760 29.92700 27.56Distance Between SpindleNose and Table Top mm inch 100~730 3.94~28.74200~960 7.87~37.80200~900 7.87~35.43Distance Between SpindleCenter and Column Cover mm inch 570 22.44820 32.28765 30.12 > Rapid Feed Rate (X / Y / Z) m/min ipm 24 / 24 / 20 944 / 944 / 78715 / 15 / 12 591 / 591 / 472Cutting Feed Rate mm/min ipm 1~5000 0.04~197 > Pneumatic Supplier5.5kg/cm > 2 78.2 psiPower Consumption (Transformer) kVA 21 (23)30 (33)40 (44)Machine Weight kg...

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