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H630B - 1

YEONG CHIN MACHINERY INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. Headquarters: 888 Homu Road, Hsinchuang, Shengang, Taichung, Taiwan GENERAL TEL: 886-4-2562-3211

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H630B - 3

Introducing the new H630B high production horizontal machining center. H630B incorporates state-of-the-art dual drive technology and utmost rigid structural design to satisfy high accuracy requirements in any high production environment.

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H630B - 4

FEM Finite Element Analysis

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H630B - 5

Y-axis Dual Drive System ■ Headstock is driven at the center of the gravity to minimize vibration, delivering high quality machining with high speed ■ Efficiently controls vibration, and optimizes the quality of machined surfaces, accuracy, machining time and tool life ■ The absolute positioning optical scale on Y-axis demonstrates superior accuracy Dual Drive

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H630B - 6

■ Dual Wall Rigid Structure ■ Circulated Oil Jacket Cooling System Circulated Oil Jacket Cooling System ■ Circulated oil jacket cooling for 3 axes motor seats and ball screw nuts insulates machine from heat resources to reduce thermal deformation, providing high, and stable machining accuracy All Roller Type Guideways ■ Oversize roller type guideways with high rigidity and precision ■ High dynamic AC servo direct drives with preloaded ball screws, delivering high control qualities ■ 40m/min. rapid feedrate ■ Max. 0.5g acceleration/deceleration ACCURACY Standard Tolerances Axial Travel...

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H630B - 7

■ One-piece T-base Design ■ Step X-axis Guideways with Slant Bed Design One-piece T-base Design ■ Rugged T-base foundation with rib construction for unprecedented rigidity ■ High geometrical accuracy ■ Optimum structure behavior Step X-axis Guideways with Slant Bed Design ■ Two X-axis guideways are positioned at different height to increase stable and reliable rapid axial movement ■ Column weight can be reduced without affecting its rigidity, achieving higher acceleration performance FEM Analysis ■ Achieves the optimum machine structure design ■ Stable base supports high speed and high...

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H630B - 8

Reliable Tool Magazine System ■ Servo motor driven reduces tool change time ■ Tool to tool: 3 sec. ■ Chip to chip: 6 sec. Cutting Test FACE MILL FACE MILL Material Removal Rate Tool Spindle Speed Feedrate Width of Cut Spindle Load Tool Spindle Speed Feedrate Width of Cut Depth of Cut Spindle Load Spindle Sp Feed Width o Spindle L

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H630B - 9

42kgfHigh Performance Built-in Motorized Spindle ■ Spindle is integrated with the rotor of the drive motor, reducing vibration during high-speed operation ■ Built-in spindle with a max.10,000rpm and an output 30kW, delivers 42kgf-m torque ■ Micro oil-air lubrication for angular ceramic ball bearings prolongs spindle life ■ Circulated oil jacket cooling system effectively minimizes thermal deformation, ensuring high precision ■ Easy spindle unit replacement reduces maintenance time BBT50 Double Contact Spindle Taper Two restrained faces simultaneously couples the taper portion of the shank...

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H630B - 10

Spindle Oil Cooler Cool oil is circulated to counter thermal deformation 3,750kcal/h, 25L/min. POWER CHART STANDARD kgf-m lb-ft SPINDLE SPEED

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H630B - 11

Dependable Pallet Indexing System ■ Flange contact taper cone with excellent clamping power and high pallet-positioning precision ■ Air jet is discharged to prevent chip contamination Min. Table Indexing Angle Table Indexing Time* Index Table Rotary Table *Including clamping and unclamping time. ■ High efficiency 2-station turn-type APC system ■ Pallet change time: 12 sec. Indexing Time (Rotary Table)

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H630B - 12

High Efficiency Six Pallets System for Flexible Production Needs (opt.) Simple Pallet Scheduling ■ YCM innovative software greatly enhances pallet change and scheduling efficiency ■ Simple, user-friendly scheduling system ■ Reduces non-cutting time, boosting high productivity 10

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H630B - 13

Central Chip Disposal System ■ The chips drop directly down to the center conveyors from the machining point ■ Dual chip augers are utilized for efficient chips removal ■ Heavy duty coolant pump ■ Efficient chip removal system ■ 8-Nozzle Coolant Supply Device ■ Coolant Shower System

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H630B - 14

User-friendly and Easy Maintenance Design ■ Convenient Swivel Control Panel ■ Excellent Tool Change Accessibility ■ Air pressure and lubricant units that require daily checking are centrally arranged for easy confirmation and maintenance

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H630B - 15

Collision Area Pallet Power Cable Port DRAWING OF INTERFERENCE Max. Workpiece Rotary Diameter ø2,350 92.52” Collision Area Collision Area Collision Area Coolant Tank

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H630B - 16

Note: The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms,etc., to improve the performance of the machine without notice. All the specifications shown above are just for reference. ACCESSORIES ■: Standard ■: Option ■ Spindle Cooling System ■ Central Lubrication System ■ Rotary Table (1 "Index) ■ Hinge Type Chip Conveyor ■ Screw Type Chip Augers (On Both ■ Coolant Equipment System Heavy Duty Coolant Pump ■ Full Chip Enclosure ■ Leveling Blocks and Foundation Bolts ■ Heat Exchanger for Electrical Cabinet ■ Mechanical, Electrical & Operating ■ Oil-mist Coolant...

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H630B - 17

High performance AC digital servo & spindle drives High resolution 10.4"color LCD monitor with dynamic graphic display Manual guide i conversational function greatly reduces programming and setup time Built-in AlCCHand high speed JERK function uto switching on/off high speed high accuracy machining control function igh speed rigid tapping, helical interpolation, custom macro B, and tool path graphics ombined uses of many high performance microprocessors, high speed memory and le adoption of Multi-CPU system for super high speed control processing Large program capacity with 1,280 meters of...

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H630B - 18

Software enhancement exclusively from YCM Multi-function Display Easily select multiple windows from the following list of display for your monitoring needs. G-code Status M-code Status Spindle Status Feedrate Tool Data Work Coordination Parts Count Machining Hours Date and Time Controller Running Hours Spindle Load Function Display High Speed Machining Mode: M400 Artificially intelligent machining function that is developed from accumulation of all YCM knowledge and experience on high speed to achieve the fastest cycle time with best machining results. Machining efficiency improved by 25%...

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