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H series - 1

High Performance Horizontal Machining Center High Performance Horizontal Machining Center

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H series - 2

High Performance Horizontal Machining Center ■ The Yeong Chin Horizontal machining centers are specially developed for high efficiency machining industries; automobile parts like transmission case, engine blocks, valves and vane pump, and medium or large precision molds. ■ The high quality and strengthened MEEHANITE® castings are the accuracy foundation of its kind. Various spindle configuration and modular, and coolant through spindle feature suit different machining requirements. Directly driven axial structure of pretension ballscrews ensure the high accuracy level, and reliability. The...

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H series - 3

Hi-Speed, Hi-Precision Spindle Design H500A/B ■ Ceramic spindle bearings for high speed machining, features low thermal expansion coefficient and excellent rigidity performance. ■ The ID’s of spindle bearings, ø80mm ø3.15" (H500A)/ ø100mm ø3.94" (H500B), satisfy heavy cutting requirements. ■ Standard isolated direct drive (IDD) spindle, for the #40 spindle of 8,000rpm or the #50 spindle of 6,000rpm, offers excellent power output. ■ High-Low speed winding performs 36kg-m 260.39 lb-ft and excellent cutting capability. (H500B) High Precision, High Rigidity, Powerful Gear-Head Spindle...

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H series - 4

A great spindle module variety to meet various machining requirements. kgf-m lb-ft kgf-m 70.45 9.74 lb-ft kgf-m lb-ft kgf-m lb-ft 36.04 260.7 36.04 260.7 SPINDLE SPEED (std.) SPINDLE SPEED (std.) SPINDLE SPEED (For IDD) (std.) SPINDLE SPEED (For IDD) (std.) SPINDLE SPEED (opt.) SPINDLE SPEED (opt.) SPINDLE SPEED (std.) SPINDLE SPEED (std.) POWER

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H series - 5

Spindle bearing protection Spindle air curtain prevents the bearings from being invaded by cutting chips, dust and water mist, and extends the spindle service life. Coolant through spindle system (opt.) DIN 69871 from A pressure:10kg/cm2 142.2psi or 20kg/cm2 284.5psi Spindle cooling system COOL COOL OIL COOL OIL OIL COOL COOL OIL COOL OIL OIL 壓力: 2kg/cm 2 OIL COOLER UNIT OIL COOLER UNIT COOLER UNIT OIL OIL COOLER UNIT OIL COOLER UNIT COOLER UNIT OIL COOL COOL OIL COOL OIL OIL OIL COOLER UNIT OIL COOLER UNIT COOLER UNIT OIL FILTER FILTER FILTER HOT OIL HOT HOT OIL OIL H

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H series - 6

Quick and reliable ATC mechanism proved by a-million-time running test. H500A/H500B ■ The roller-gear-cam ATC arm, parallel to the spindle of the short-pitch design, makes the ATC prompt and reliable; it takes only 3 sec. (H500A) ■ The magazine is precisely indexed and driven by servo motor for efficient operations. ■ Quick & reliable tool change (H500A/B) H800B/H2612B ■ The ARM type hydraulic ATC mechanism with backlash-free roller-cam design performs stable and reliable ATC. ■ The magazine is indexed by the shortest distance random tool selection to meet the high production requirements;...

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H series - 7

High precision, power clamp APC enhances flexibility and efficiency. H500A/B ■ Compact and smart rotary pallet change design with unique and strengthen rail way support ensures the accurate, fast, and reliable APC. ■ Pallet is swift (on Z-axis) to make APC, the rotary door is quickly turned along with APC, which takes only 10 sec. ■ Large size ø450mm ø17.72" position clutch is deployed, together with taper pin in precise positioning, strongly supports the table and meets the rigid machining needs. ■ Optional 0.001° continuous feed 4th axis pallet of dual warm gear design is backlash-free...

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H series - 8

/ High rigidity construction speedy machine of 30m/min. rapid feedrate ■ The moving column design, the strengthened 3-point support base, and dual wall rib-structure designed column sustain the utmost rigidity, accuracy level, and machine durability. ■ Direct transmission design on all 3 Axes and pre-tensioned ballscrews ensure motion rigidity, and machining accuracy. ■ Deploy high precision linear motion guide ways, THK NR type on the H500A and NSK LA type on the H500B, all ensure excellent machining performance and service life with low friction, high rigidity, high speed and optimal...

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H series - 9

Dur able, pr ecision, and speedy machine design with super rigid construction ■ T-shape one piece base of strengthened triangle flame, dual wall design column, inner rail fully embraced Y-axis (up-down) and hydraulic balance, and integrated 3-axis ballscrew bracket make the super rigid machine constructed with utmost supports, and fluent movements. ■ The X/Z axes deploy rigid linear motion guide ways of low friction, hardened Standard and ground with TURCITE-B plated Y-axis assure the accuracy in high-speed ISO 10791-4 JIS B 6338 精度項目 Tolerances movement. - Full Length Axial Travel ■ The...

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H series - 10

/ Durable, Precision and Heavy Duty Design 500 with Super Rigid Construction ISO 10791-4 JIS B 6338 ■ Extra sized base fully supports the table movement of no overhang problem, Full Length secures the utmost dynamic accuracy; high precision and Axial Travel rigid ballscrews Positioning A 0.014mm (0.00055") 0.004mm/300mm (0.00016"/300mm) are deployed on all 3 axes, and supported with precision angular contact ball Repeatability R 0.010mm (0.00039") ±0.002mm (±0.00008") bearings in pretension, and in all provide the excellent machining rigidity and VDI/DGQ3441 is equivalent to A of...

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H series - 11


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H series - 15

Peripheral Accessories ACCESSORIES • : Standard o: Optional — : None Spindle Cooling System Ensures Constant Temperature of the Spind Head

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H series - 16

FP SPECIFICATIONS FP55A, FP66A, FP100A SPINDLE Spindle Speed (opt.) Spindle Taper Front Bearing Diameter TRAVEL X-axis Travel Y-axis Travel Z-axis Travel 650mm Vertical High Efficiency T-base25.59" Machining Center Distance Between Spindle 150~800mm Nose and Table Center MV66A, MV76A, MV86A, MV106A5.91"~31.5" Distance Between SpindleNTV158A/B Center and Table Top TABLE Table Size Max. Load on Table High Performance ø800 × 760mm H Max. Workpiece Dimensions ø31.5" × 29.92" H NSV66A, NSV85A, NSV102A, NSV156A The Height From Table Top 1,250mm 49.21" to Floor Table Index (opt.) Number of T-...

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