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FX380A - 2

5-Axis Vertical Machining Center The high performance YCM FX 380A 5-axis vertical machining center is designed especially for small, complex high-quality parts mainly for aerospace, automotive, medical, job shop and die & mold applications. From roughing to finishing, the FX380A enables manufacturers to reduce setup time and overall lead-time while increasing machining quality and improving precision of complex machining processes.

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FX380A - 4

High Rigidity Body Structure Design ■ Extra wide column and base design to ensure best support and cutting rigidity. ■ High quality and rugged MEEHANITE® casting maintains optimum accuracy. High Accuracy Axial Movement ■ Linear guideways adopted for fast and smooth axial movement. ■ Pre-tensioned ball screws with direct drive motors achieve high torque and low backlash. Working Envelope C-axis Rotary 360 ° Unit: mm (inch) Size: 380 mm Thru Hole: ø80 mm A-axis: 33.3 rev/min. C-axis: 33.3 rev/min. FEM Finite Element Analysis

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FX380A - 5

YCM In-house A/C-axis Rotary Table ■ Rotary table surface leveled at the C-axis center to ensure machining accuracy and easy programming. ■ ø380 mm (ø14.96") table size with ø80 mm (ø3.15") table-through hole design. ■ 150˚(+30˚/ -120˚) A-axis tilting angle increases the ability of machining. ■ Hydraulic or pneumatic cable preparation. Tool Magazine ■ 30T storage capacity is standard. ■ 40T/60T is servo driven. ■ ATC tool door design is standard. Open ATC Tool Door

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FX380A - 6

YCM In-house IDD Spindle ■ YCM self-manufactured IDD spindle. ■ Powerful 22 kW, 12,000 rpm spindle for hi-power, hi-speed machining. ■ Cooling system design on spindle motor seat, quill, and bearing offers most reliable machining capability. Max. Speed Power Chart FANUC 15,000 rpm (opt.) kgf-m lb-ft kgf-m lb-ft kgf-m lb-ft

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FX380A - 7

Spindle Oil Cooling Design Oil-air lubrication design applied on each bearing, suitable for spindles with the speed of 12,000 rpm and over to ensure prolonged high speed operations. Heat Cooling System Oil-air Lubrication System BBT40 Spindle Design ■ Spindle and taper dual surface contact. ■ Exceptional cutting rigidity with high accuracy. ■ Longer tool life. Contact Surface Contact Surface Contact Surface Contact Surface Elastic deformation occurs, no backlash Elastic deformation occurs, no backlash Backlash occurs after contact Backlash occurs after contact Single Surface Contact Spindle...

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FX380A - 8

Advantages of 5-axis Machining ■ Enhance precision, quality and efciency of 3D surface machining. ■ Reduce tool length and increase rigidity to obtain superior machining quality. ■ Cutting with the belly and edge of the tool to increase tool life. ■ Reduce xture error and lessen workpiece loading/uploading time. ■ Saves manufacturing cost for xture and electrode costs. ■ Reduces machining process, machining cost while improving productivity. Differences between 3-axis and 5-axis machining 3-axis machine ■ Shorten Process ■ Reduce Fixture Cost ■ Improve precision

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FX380A - 9

Automation Advantages ■ Increase productivity through unmanned machining. ■ Enhance quality and reliability of products. ■ Reduce non-cutting or change waiting time.

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FX380A - 10

High Response AC Digital Servo & Spindle Drives with High Definition Absolute Positioning Encoders AICC II High Speed High Accuracy with Auto Switching On/Off Machining Function JERK Control Function (opt.) High Rigidity Tapping, Helical Interpolation Custom Marco B and Tool Path Graphics Manual Guide i with large Screen Display. (MXP-200FC, opt.) Program File Management for Easy Program Classifying USB Interface for Easy Parameters & CNC Programs Transfer 512KB Memory High Speed Positioning Function (MXP-200FC, opt.) Memory Card Program Edit & Operation (opt.) 3D Interference Check (5-axis...

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FX380A - 11

Software Enhancement Exclusively from YCM Intelligent Tool Data Management Comprehensive tool data management function allows operators to monitor and manage all positions in tool magazine Tool Length Measurement Graphic measuring interface provides automatic tool length measurement function RENISHAW GUI System (Conversational Graphic Operating Interface) Tool measurements measurement correction Workpiece measurement Allow users to keep count of workpieces with the function of overtime cycle alarm provides easy control over machining cycle time 4. Over Cycle Alarm

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FX380A - 12

FANUC MXP-200 FB/FC Control Standard Function (5-axis Control) Tilted Working Plane Command ■ Program order automatic exchange X-Y-Z coordinates. ■ Easy program edition, easy machining for Tilted Working Plane. ■ 3D Interference Simulation function can help to reduce the danger of collision in 5th axis application. FANUC 31i-MB5 Control Exclusive Function STCP ( Smooth Tool Center Point ) ■ Simultaneous 5-axis Machining with tool end / tool side. ■ Smooth motion with tool end by compensating tool direction (Angle of rotary axis) ■ Smooth machining with tool side by smoothing tool posture...

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FX380A - 13

HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 HSCI Exclusive Function Heidenhain iTNC 530 HSCI ■ Simultaneous 5-axis control ■ TFT color at-panel display 15-inch ■ Storage medium: SSDR solid state disk with 32 GB ■ Programming in HEIDENHAIN conversational format, with SmarT.NC or according to DIN/ISO ■ Tool Center Point Management (TCPM) ■ Dynamic Collision Monitoring (DCM) ■ 0.5 ms Short block processing time TCPM (Tool Center Point Management) Tilted Working Plane Command The offset of the tilting axes is compensated so that the tool tip remains on the contour. The PLANE function is a powerful function for dening...

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FX380A - 14

Table & Dimensions

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FX380A - 15

SPINDLE STANDARD ACCESSORIES FANUC controller FANUC controller HEIDENHAIN controller HEIDENHAIN controller Spindle Taper ■ Work Lamp ■ Spindle Air Blast ■ Spindle Air Seal ■ Cutting Air Blast ■ Spindle Cooling System X-axis Travel Y-axis Travel Z-axis Travel TABLE Table Size/T-Slots Max. Load on Table (Vertical) Max. Load on Table (Horizontal) Available Torque on Table ■ Coolant System ■ Central Lubrication System ■ Hydraulic Unit (for 4th and 5th Axes) ■ Complete Chip Enclosure (With Top Cover) ■ Leveling Bolts and Pads ■ Heat Exchanger for Electrical Cabinet ■ Mechanical, Maintenance,...

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