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FV-50T - 2

YCM FV50T high speed high performance drilling & tapping center is designed with versatility to meet today’s diverse requirements, especially in automotive and electronic industry. As a combination of high speed, high precision and ultimate efficiency, FV50T will be exactly the best investment you’ve ever made. Finite Element Analysis Finite Element Analysis FEM Finite Element Analysis

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FV-50T - 3

High Rigidity Body Structure ■ Delta structure efficiently absorbs the force and elevates machine rigidity and accuracy. Normal Design Extra Wide Base ■ Extra wide base strongly supports the headstock and reduces overhang problem to achieve flawless dynamic accuracy. ACCURACY Standard VDI/DGQ3441 is equivalent to A of ISO10791-4, and PS is equivalent to R. All values shown above are measured for the machine in good air-conditioned environments.

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FV-50T - 4

Reliable ATC System ■ Tool changing time (T-T): 1.5sec. ■ Fast and reliable ATC system greatly reduces non-cutting time, leading to high productivity. Cutting Tests FACE MILLING Material Removal Rate Cutter Diameter Tool ø32mm (U drill) Spindle Speed 700rpm Feedrate 210mm/min. FACE MILLING Material Removal Rate Cutter Diameter 1,000 Tool Spindle Speed Feedrate Width of Cut Depth of Cut Tool Spindle Speed Feedrate Depth of Cut FACE MILLING Depth of Cut

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FV-50T - 5

420mm 510mm ■ Extra large working space, capable of fitting 4th axis rotary table or fixture to satisfy different job requirements. 工作空間 Efficient Chips Removal Design 200 Flexible Working Space 420mm 16.5” Working Space ■ Slanted bed structure design with extra wide coolant tank prevents chips from accumulating inside of machine. Compact Footprint ■ FV50T owns the smallest footprint in its class of 1,600mm wide and 2,235mm long (including the coolant tank). Aluminum Material Removal Rate Cutter Diameter DRILLING Cutter Diameter Tool Spindle Speed Feedrate Depth of Cut Tool ø32mm (U drill)...

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FV-50T - 6

Unique YCM Made IDD Spindle ■ 10,000rpm YCM made direct drive spindle deploys high precision ceramic ball bearings with low centrifugal force, low vibration and very little heat growth, to assure the optimal cutting performance under high speed machining. ■ Reliable helical disc spring design prolongs the spindle life. Easy Maintenance Design ■ Quill spindle design achieves easy maintenance absolutely saving users’ time. ■ The tool magazine is designed with easy-to-dismantle feature. SPINDLE SPEED kgf-m lb-ft SPINDLE SPEED

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FV-50T - 7

Direct Drive Design on 3 Axes ■ 3 axes are equipped with direct drive motors with absolute positioning encoders, provides backlash free, best accuracy, and high efficient axial movement. ■ All linear guideways are mounted on the very fine surface for maximum contact and exceptional cutting rigidity. ■ Rapid feedrate of 3 axes are 48/48/48 m/min. ■ 1g acceleration can be achieved to increase working efficiency and productivity. 8.4” TFT Color Display CONTROL

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FV-50T - 8

SPECIFICATIONS SPECIFICATIONS STANDARD ACCESSORIES Cutting Feedrate (X/Y/Z) Rapid Cutting Feedrate Tool Magazine Capacity (opt.) Max. Tool Weight (per piece) Tool Magazine Capacity (opt.) Max. Tool Length (opt.) Max. Tool Weight OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Max. Tool Dimensions ACCURACY Positioning A GENERAL Repeatability R Pneumatic Supplier GENERAL Power Consumption 16kVA Pneumatic Supplier 5.5kg/cm2 78.2psi Machine Weight 2,400kg 5,291 lb Note: The manufacturer reserves Power Consumption the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms,etc., to improve the...

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