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FP Series - 1

High Precision Die & Mold Machining Center High Precision High Performance Die Mold Vertical Machining Center High Precision High Performance Die Mold Vertical Machining Center High Precision High Performance Die Mold Vertical Machining Center

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FP Series - 2

Mold & Die High Speed High Precision Die & Mold Machining Center The Optimal Design and High Rigidity Feed System ■ Four million-pulse/rev high-resolution encoders in all axes enable the utmost precision status. ■ The enlarged roller bearing linear motion guides perform extreme rigidity. ■ High load high precision ballscrews ensure high speed high precision axial movements. ■ Fixed volume lubricant distribution system assures comprehensive lubrication. ■ Environmental friendly lubrication-coolant separation design. ■ The symmetryHigh Precision Die & Mold Machining Centerideally diminishes...

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FP Series - 3

| FP66A SpindleTorque Chart kgf-m Ib-ft kW HP Groove Width: 0.8mm Material: NAK80 HRC40° Groove Depth: 7 mm

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FP Series - 4

High Speed High Precision Die & M The Optimal High Rigidity Feed System ■ The gantry machine frame of rigid dual wall castings ensures low vibration performance in high speed machining, and results in the utmost surface finishing on works, and better tool service life. ■ The symmetrical box-headstock design assures cutting rigidity while Z-axis is moving rapidly. ■ High rigidity high load precision ballscrews used and coupled with powerful servo axial motor, the Z-axis brake system sustains fine axial movement control, providing best dynamic accuracy and fine finish especially in the 3D...

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FP Series - 5

▌FP100A Spindle Torque Chart kgf-m lb-ft Due to the limitation of Spindle Speed on common VMC, the tooling size can only be smaller than 0.4R with much short life. YCM’s FP Series High Speed, High Precision Spindle is capable to accommodate tools smaller than 0.2R, not only increase mold precision but also prolong tool life. Cutting Capability SPINDLE SPEED Lens Mold Machining Normal case Sharp edge and bottom are hard to machine. SPINDLE SPEED

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FP Series - 6

ISOLATED DIRECT DRIVE SPINDLE IDD PLUS Automatic Spindle Cooling System Effectively dissipates heat generated from long runtime through efficient oil cooling circulation. Highly Reliable Helical Disc Spring Design Ensures optimal spindle balance. Floating Cylinder Design for Tool Clamp/Unclamp System Eliminates unnecessary force on spindle bearings. Perpetual Pre-load Design Reduces the effect of spindle thermal growth under long spindle runtime. IDD IDD PLUS: 16,000rpm Spindle thermal growth is minimized with effective isolation of the heat generated by spindle motor from the spindle...

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FP Series - 7

High Speed Spindle Designed and Manufactured by YCM BUILT-IN MOTORIZED SPINDLE Integral Spindle Motor Highly Reliable Helical Disc Spring Design For better spindle balance and life. Double Contact Spindle Taper Ensures heavy-duty cutting performance and machining accuracy. Integral Rear Bearing Floating Design Decreases thermal deformation at high speed. 20000vv Design for Dynamic Balance of Spindle Provides ultimate cutting rigidity. Micro Oil-air Lubrication System Minimizes thermal deformation and prolongs spindle life. Integral Spindle Motor 40 Taper: 20,000rpm 30 Taper: 30,000rpm...

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FP Series - 9

Note:Above specifications may vary depending on the machine and the surrounding environment. The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms, etc., to improve the performance of the machine without notice. The test data provided in this catalog is performed under specific test procedures and environmental conditions.

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FP Series - 10

High Response AC Digital Servo & Spindle Drives with High Definition AICC II High Speed High Accuracy with Manual / Auto Switching on/off Machining JERK Control Function High Rigidity Tapping, Helical Interpolation Custom Marco B and Tool Path Graphics Manual Guide i with large Screen Display . Program File Management for Easy Program Classifying USB Interface for Easy Parameters & CNC Programs Transfer 512KB Memory High Speed Positioning Function Memory Card Program Edit NANO Smoothing Function (opt.) 400 Pairs Tool Offset, 1,000 Total Registered Programs 48 Pairs of Workpieces Coordinate...

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FP Series - 11

OPERATION Software Enhancement Exclusively from Pre-machining Preparation Intelligent Tool Data Management Comprehensive tool data management function allows operators to monitor and manage all positions in tool magazine Tool Length Measurement Graphic measuring interface provides automatic tool length measurement function Workpiece Coordinate Calculation Conversational operating window provides convenient and fast setup of workpiece coordinates NEWRENISHAW GUI System (Conversational Graphic Operating Interface) Tool measurement & measurement correction Workpiece measurement Programming...

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FP Series - 12

全方位控制系統 Intelligent Production Management 智慧管理 自動化生產設備 YEONG CHIN MACHINERY INDUSTRIES CO., LTD.

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