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CNC Turning Center - 1

High Efficiency T-base Vertical Machining Center High Performance High Rigidity Vertical Machining Center 7 6 A , N M V 1 0 6 A Ultra Wide High Performance Vertical Machining Center High Performance 5-axis Vertical Machining Center Ultra High Performance Vertical Machining Center High Performance Traveling Column Vertical Machining Center Advanced Double Column Vertical Machining Center High Performance Double Column Vertical Machining Center High Speed High Precision Horizontal Machining Center High Performance Mill/Turn Center 5 0 0 S Y High Performance Geo Turning Center 0 0 B / M A , G T -2 5 0 B / M A , G T -3 0 0 B / M A / L M B High Performance High Precision CNC Lathe High Efficiency CNC Turning Center

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CNC Turning Center - 3

The GT Series includes a range of machines from 6" 12" chucks, with rigid flat bed, 2-axis boxway construction and heavy-duty ballscrews, allowing high metal removal rates. Backed by a robust structure and high torque spindle, ensures machining stability in hard, or tough to machine materials. The TC-16 models are available with 6" & 8" chuck siz es, feature a 45 lant ed tructure, linear guide , and are e t uited for general purpose, high productivity, 2-axis machining. I d e al f o r H e av y D u t y M ac h in in g ( T C -2 6 , 3 6 , 4 6 , & 4 6 M ) The TC-26 & 36 models are available with...

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CNC Turning Center - 4

To meet high customer expectations, YCM offers a comprehensive range of CNC turning centers with a variety of chuck siz es, bed lengths, and optional performance features & functions. Our strategically designed MEEHANITE ® cast iron structures provide high rigidity for heavy cutting, precision tolerances and fine surface finishes. These products meet the demanding requirements for multiple industries such as automotive, medical and j ob shop. NTC C o n f ig u r ab l e D e sig n f o r C o m p l e x M ac h in in g NTC models are available with 8" chuc i e, feature a 30 lant bed structure with...

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CNC Turning Center - 5

GT Rigid Boxway Turning Center

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CNC Turning Center - 6

Strategically Designed Structure The heavy-duty base design incorporates large boxways and all castings are made from high quality, durable MEEHANITE® cast-iron providing high rigidity and stability during heavy machining operations. Thermally Stable Design ■ Symmetrically designed headstock combined with effective spindle headstock exhaust fans provide superior ventilation throughout the spindle compartment, help to minimize thermal growth. ■ The spindle motor is mounted to the left side of the machine base and is designed to exhaust the heat generated from spindle motor away from the...

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CNC Turning Center - 7

H ig h P e r f o r m an c e S p in d l e CM cartridge-t e indle are designed utiliz ing robust dual-roller bearings that provide high stiffness, rigidity and durability. Built to high ualit tandard in our spindle head room, these spindles provide high performance machining capability and long service life. min. min. 15min. min. min. 30min. ■ GT-200MA 15min. cont. 30min. 15min. in. 15min. 15m cont. 30min. 30min. . min n5. cont. cont. co1 t ini.n. 15mm 15 nt. co kgf-m lb-ft 30min. cont. 15min. cont. 30min. 15min. 15min. cont. 30min. 30min. cont. cont. cont. in. cont. . cont. m 15 min 30 in. m...

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CNC Turning Center - 8

10min. 15min. 30min. cont. 30min. cont. in. cont. 15m n. cont. mi 30 Turning Tool Post Milling Tool Post Collet Type Max. Milling Tool Dia. kgf-m Max. Drilling Tool Dia. lb-ft kgf-m lb-ft Tapping Tool Dia. 15min. Max. 426.1 30min. 15min. 248.3 559.1 Milling Capacity End cont. 30min. 213.4 389.1 cont. cont. 208.3 332.0 Tapping Capacity Rigid cont. 315.4 14.8 The table above shows the test results on cont. material S45C. The results are the provided as example. They may not be 30min. obtained due12.1 differences in cutting to 24.5 . in. n5min. 10.1 i 15m 20.1 conditions and 1environmental...

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CNC Turning Center - 9

TC Broad Range of 2-Axis Turning Centers

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CNC Turning Center - 10

TC- 16LA / LB One- iece 45 lant ed a e i made of high ualit MEEHANITE ® cast iron that provides high stiffness and damping characteristics. Thi erie offer the large t machining ca acit in it cla , ith a ma . turning diameter of ø260 mm ø10.24" and a max. turning length of 600 mm 23.62" A c c u r at e an d S t ab l e A xe s S y st e m The / -a i are fitted ith high reci ion linear guide a , fi ed ballscrews for fast, accurate machining in a thermally stable design. re-ten ioned direct drive CM indle feature large diameter roller-t e bearings and angular contact ball bearings, providing the...

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CNC Turning Center - 11

Stable Boxway Design ■ The large harden and ground boxways are made from high quality MEEHANITE® cast iron providing the utmost rigidity during heavy cutting operations. ■ Turcite-B on X/Z-axis provides superior rigidity, low friction coefficient, reduced vibration, and superior damping characteristics without stick-slip, while still maintaining machining accuracy. ■ Up to 15/20 m/min 591/787 ipm of rapid feedrate of X/Z-axis. Robust Geared Head Spindle ■ The geared head spindle design incorporates angular contact ball bearings, double-row roller bearings, and powerful geared head...

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CNC Turning Center - 12

The multi- eed geared head tran mi ion feature 74.5 gf-m 539 l -ft of max torque ith indle eed u to 4,000 r m. (TC-26) Thi o erful multi- eed geared head tran mi ion roduce a ma ive ma tor ue of 140 gf-m 1,013 lb-ft, with spindle eed u to 2,500 r m. (TC-36) Power Bearing inner diameter: ø120 mm ø4.72" Max. hole through spindle diameter: ø88 mm ø3.46" Max. hole through draw tube diameter: ø78 mm ø3.07" Bearing inner diameter: ø150 mm ø5.91" Max. hole through spindle diameter: ø105 mm ø4.13" Max. hole through draw tube diameter: ø93 mm ø3.66" 8

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CNC Turning Center - 13

TC- 46 / 46M R ig id S t r u c t u r e D e sig n nli e ome com etitive turning centers with multiple-pieces base tructure , CM feature one- iece base structure made from high quality, durable MEEHANITE ® cast iron. De igned ith a ide an et een the t o -a i o a rovide exceptional rigidity and stability during machining. Others (Separate design) P o w e r f u l G e ar e d H e ad S p in d l e Ma ive ma imum tor tandard ith A2-11 O tional 18"/21"/24" available. Large-diameter, heav ue of 380 Nm 2,749 l -ft with spindle speeds up to 2,000 rpm. indle no e and 15" chuc . chuc ith A2-15 indle no e,...

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