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IdllldlU Table-top Dataweigh (Multi-head Weigher) TDW-205W FEATURES DSecuring from weight shortage in fixed weighing work □Jumping up the production speed for fixed weigh٭ing work □improving the weighing quality and reducing give-away (yield) □Waterproof IP65, Stainless Steel Construction □Priority Head Combination Function This is the function that the selected weigh head as a priority head always joins the combination. □Weight & Quantity Combination Function This is the function that one combination is made by the pre-deter-mined number of weigh heads. QUnit Weight Setting Function In order to remove irregular sized items, the lower and upper limits of the unit weight can be set in advance. □Production Goal Function The combination work will automatically finish when the goal, the pre-determined number of packages is achieved. □Spcial Trays as a tailor-made option. Spcial Trays (example) V-Shaped Tray U-Shaped Tray Long Tray The TDW-205W enables even amateur workers to perform the fixed weighing work easily. This is an id驩al combination scale to reduce waste (give - away or yield) and realize optimized inventory control. SPECIFICATION Model Weighing Capacity _TDW-205W_ _3,000 g_ _1_9_ _OAg_ _8 g to 18 kg_ 12Heads ~ Max 100 items 20 to 30 packs per minute 195(W)x135(D)mm 510(W) x 1,125(L) x336(H) mm Fluorescent Tube Display, 32(H) x 14.6(W) mm Full Dot LCD Display, 64(H) x 240(W) mm Approx. 40 kg -10t:to40°C ~ _IP65_ Weight Combination, Weight & Quantity Combination, Priority Head Combination, Automatic Recalculation, Scale Status Check, Scale Suspend, Proximity Combination, Production Goal function, Auto Zͩro, Remains Dtection and One-touch Tare_ AC230V+10%to-15% 50/60 Hz ~ Memory card, External scale (only 1 unit), _Spcial trays, Heater inside main body_ The fixed weighing work is performed only by picking up items from the trays with a green lamp. Display Division Combination Accuracy Range of Combination No. of Scales No. of Stored Items Combination Speed Platform Size Outer Dimensions Main Display Auxiliary Display INDICATOR ■ Numerical entry is set easily by a numerial keypad. 驕 Max 100 items can be stored. Main display shows combiխnation weight. Auxiliary display shows the setting values, the conditions, the status, etc. Net Weight Operating Tempթrature Dust/Water Protection Functions Power Options YAMAT0 SCALE C0., LTD. 5-22 Saenba-cho, Akashi, Japan 673-8688 Tlphone : +81 (78)918-6157-6540 Telefax: +81(78)918-5562 URL : The contents of this catalogue are subject to change without notice. CAT.NO.C0342EN01A00 11031000Ry Printed in Japan

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