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Pressure-Rsistant Gravimtrie Coal Feeder GM-BSC22

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The coal-fueled thermal power generation will go hand in hand.. with preservation of the nature. Thanks to the technological advances in suppressing emission of gases harmful to the environment, such as NOx, SOx, and CO2, coal has come back into the spotlight as an alternative energy source in thermal power generating facilities around the world. It is said that by the year 2010, the coal-fueled thermal power generation will have contributed by more than half the total energy generated in the world. In addition to electric utilities companies, an increasing number of corporations----...

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Pressure-Resistible Coal Feeder GM-BSC - 3

Pressure-RsistantGravimtrieCoalFeeder GM-BSC22 This is a continuous weighing machine used to weigh and feed specified amount of coal from the coal storage tank directly into the pressurized mill. 1.Dust-proof, explosion-proof load cell A dust-prooft explosion-proof load cell is incorporated as the weighing sensor. 3.A specially designed conveyor belt & clean-out conveyor The conveyor belt is equipped with corrugated lugs (60 mm H) to prevent coal from spilling over the sides of the belt. The design and matehals used in the conveyor belt leave no gaps. The clean-out conveyor underneath...

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Pressure-Resistible Coal Feeder GM-BSC - 4

Advantages Load cell The dust-proof, explosion-proof load cell yields a linearity of +/- 0.05%. The load cell supports the weighing carrier rollers directly, retaining highly accurate weight readings. The conveyor belt The conveyor belt is equipped with corrugated lugs which spread when the belt passes over rollers, to prevent coal from spilling over the sides of the belt. Rubber lagging covered head The head roller is covered with rubber lagging, which helps prevent the accumulation of coal on the surface of the roller, and keeps conveyor belt from skidding sideways. External belt cleaner...

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Pressure-Resistible Coal Feeder GM-BSC - 5

ANDFUNCTIONSOFTHESYSTEM Principleofopration The coal in the coal bunker is fed on the conveyor belt (weigh-ing belt) inside the pressure-rsistant chamber through the coal g驢te and the downspout The chamber inlet chute is cylindncally-shaped to maximize loading efMciency. The load cell installed beneath the conveyor belt measures the amount of coal discharged from the conveyor belt into the mill as a load factor (kg/m) when rt passes over the weighing section. The befl speed (m/min.) is detected by the puise genera-tor attached to the driving unit. Thͨse two signais are multiplied in the...

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Pressure-Resistible Coal Feeder GM-BSC - 6

CONTROLLER CFC-300 FEATURES 1. User-friendly opration The CFC-300 does not require any analogue adjust-ments. The zro and span settlngs can be adjusted digitally, The adjusted values are calculated auto* mattcally and can be stored in memory just by pressing a key. 2. Built-in Programmable Logic Calculator A built-ln Programmable Logic Calculator ts Incorpo-rated In CFC-300 as a standard feature. Ail of the relay circuits and the PLC -normal ly re-quired for controlllng the clean-out conveyor, the sampiing device. and local control box驗 have been eliminated The parameter settmgs for System...

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Pressure-Resistible Coal Feeder GM-BSC - 7

We custom-make specially-designed coal feeders if a special inlet mouth size or a special pitch is required between the inlet and outlet mouths. Coal sampling device This device is used to sample the coal inside the chamber. Automatic and manual types are available. Coal gate It is positioned between the coal bunker and the downspout of the coal feeder, to stop the coal flow when you need to perform service, maintenance, etc. Automatic and manual types are available. Miscellaneous ¥Downspout ¥Coal flow monitor ¥Dresser coupling ¥Explosion-proof electric parts ¥Coal chute We also custom-make...

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Pressure-Resistible Coal Feeder GM-BSC - 8

STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS Model GM-BSC??-?G-10 GM-BSC22-36-10 Downspout size 26 inch (660.4mm) 36 inch (914.4 mm) Feedlng capaclty max. 120 tons/hr. max. 18( Weighing accuracy +/-1/200 Setting mode instantaneous value setting mode Control mode control Product coal Bulk densit 0.6-1.0 Particle size 70 mm maximum Weighing length 500 mm Coal weight/m 70 kg/m 100 kg/m Belt width 850 mm 1.150 mm Belt Flexible bett wfth corrugated lugs Inlet mouth 660*4 mm Dia. 914 mm Dia, Outlet mouth 750 X 800 mm 750 X 1.200 mm Pttch (between inlet and outlet mouths) 2.134 mm Chamber diameter (inner) 1,200 mm...

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Pressure-Resistible Coal Feeder GM-BSC - 9

THENEEDSARISE We remain ready to meet diverse requirements by manufacturing the following two models which were developed in the 1980s. GM-BSC11 The GM-BSC11 was first developed in 1980. This model was designed to allow the entire weighing conveyor to be removed easily from the chamber, for simplified maintenance. GM-BSC21 This model was designed to allow the weighing belt, the head & tail rollers, and the carrier rollers to be removed Ihrough the Windows built in both sides of the chamber, allowing easier maintenance in a limrted ftoor space. The current model. the GM-BSC22, was based on...

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Pressure-Resistible Coal Feeder GM-BSC - 10

The contents of this catalogue are subject to change without notice. CAT. NO. A-111-02-A 98122000 YAMATO SCALE CO., LTD 5-22 Saenba-cho, Akashi 673-8688, Japan Telephone : 078(918)5566Æ5567Æ5568 Telefax : 078(918)5552

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